Industry First Point-Of-Entry Structured Water Filter

The AquaFlex provides clean, healthy, structured and energized water on-demand to every faucet or tap in your home. By mimicking the multiple stages of a water treatment plant, the AquaFlex is compatible with a wide selection of filters, allowing the system to reduce impurities such as chlorine, fluoride, micro-plastics, chemicals and harmful pathogens. A de-scaling component using our NaturalSof is also available as an add-on option.

The AquaFlex filters and structures water at the point-of-entry, offering countless benefits for the homeowner.

  • Protects entire home from harmful contaminants
  • Better tasting water, food, and drinks
  • Customizable filter configurations to meet local water challenges
  • State of the art water structuring and energization
  • Takes up less space than similar systems
  • Unique industry first ‘drop-in filter replacement’ for little mess and easy installation
  • 10-year warranty
  • NSF61* certification ensures confidence and peace of mind
  • Proprietary, patented design featuring less pressure loss
  • Compact footprint versus other point-of-entry systems
  • Faster, easier and less expensive installation featuring a by-pass plumbing assembly
  • Customizable filter configurations to meet local water challenges



Multiple Options to Choose From Using 4.5″ x 20″ Big Blue Filter Cartridges


Allows flexibility to customize or provide your own filtration options to meet city or private well water challenges


AquaFlex features our maintenance free Copper Vortexer and Harmonizer cartridge for optimal water structuring and energization.


promote structured water filter

Includes a custom built water bypass plumbing assembly designed to reduce time and labor installation cost.


Lower Utility Bills

Less than 1% water waste compared to other systems


Minimize Carbon Footprint


Reduces harmful plastic waste

No Chemicals

No chemicals used in water purification

Multiple Patents

Patented design makes for easy filter change out


Multi-Stage Filtration

Requires no additional internal plumbing


The AquaFlex offers customizable, multi-stage filtration solutions that are

capable of reducing a number of contaminants, including:


• Pharmaceuticals

• Volatile organic compounds (VOC)
– Methane
– Hydrogen Sulfide

• Heavy metals
– Lead
– Arsenic
– Chromium
– Iron

• Non-Metals
– Nitrates
– Fluoride

• Biologicals
– Bacteria
– Viruses

Customizable filter options available to address local water quality needs


Capable of improving water aesthetics including:

• Odor

• Metallic taste

• Discoloration


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Proudly Made In The USA With American Ingenuity