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Filtering is never enough, structuring and energizing your water is the missing link. Our Vortexer products offer an economical, efficient and effective way to structure and energize water for your whole house.  Each vortexing chamber is filled with fifty-one glass and silicone balls placed in a triangular configuration of seventeen rows for optimal toroidal vortexing along with a harmonizing chamber featuring our proprietary technology for broadband energization.  Anywhere water flows, the Vortexer will perform its magic of structuring and energizing. Choose from the following options:
  • Single Flow Tube PVC Vortexer -  Our most economically price structuring unit.
  • Single Flow Tube Copper Vortexer  -  Copper offers enhanced energization for your water.
  • The Quad Flow Vortexer - Four vortexing flow tubes for maximum water structuring and energization.
  • The Quad Flow CMB - Two vortexing flow tubes and two refillable filter cartridge chambers.  The refillable filter cartridges come with carbon media and/or mineralizing ceramic balls.
  • GW5 & GW7 - For a more comprehensive physical filtration system also featuring water structuring.  (Link to another product)
  • Pool Vortexer - Save money on chemical cost and reduce maintenance.


Enhance your swimming pool water with our maintenance free, never needs replacement Pool Vortexor featuring vortexing and energizing in one compact unit. Save money on chlorine and reduce maintenance  while eliminating red eyes and itchy skin. Never needs replacing or upkeep. POOL VORTEXER BROCHURE