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Option 1: Aquametix /  Mineralizer /  CarbonBlock

Option 2: Cerametix /  Mineralizer /  CarbonBlock

Option 3: 1 Micron Sediment / Mineralizer / CarbonBlock

Option 4:  Arsenic  / Mineralizer / CarbonBlock

Option 5:  Arsenic / Mineralizer / Aquametix


Filter Descriptions

  • 1 Micron Sediment – Prolongs the lifespan of any carbon filter for customers with higher sediment.
  • CarbonBlockBroadband contaminant removal including difficult to remove contaminants.
  • Cerametix – Broadband contaminant removal down to .2 microns eliminating e coli, bacteria, pathogen and very fine particulates most often associated with well but occasionally occurring in city water on boil alerts.
  • Aquametix – Broadband contaminant removal including difficult to remove contaminants. Great choice for city water applications.
  • Mineralizer – Mineralizes with magnesium, calcium, zeolite and other health enhancing essential elements while also reducing a contaminants. Beneficial for all applications.
  • Arsenic filter –  Highest arsenic removal capacity of any organic based arsenic removal media. Conforms to FDA regulations.


Choose filter options for your Under Sink Structured Water Filter System. Stage 1 and 2 contain replaceable filters, stage 3 and 4 contain the Vortexer and Harmonizer which do not ever require replacement.