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Activesorb Carbon CX Tank


  • ACTIVESORB® CX is a high activity granular activated carbon made from coconut shells through steam activation.
  • It has catalytic activity and is effective in removing chloramines and hydrogen sulfide from drinking water.
  • The large micropore volume allows it to remove low molecular weight organic compounds and their chlorinated by-products.
  • Its superior mechanical hardness and dedusting during manufacturing result in an exceptionally clean product.
  • It is useful for filtering out contaminants like solvents, pesticides, industrial waste, and leaking underground storage tank residues.
  • Certain organic chemicals found in drinking water may pose health risks, and ACTIVESORB® CX can reduce their presence effectively.
  • It offers features like catalytic activity, extensive internal pore structure, optimized density, maximum hardness, low dust and turbidity, excellent adsorption capacity, high volume activity, rapid dichlorination, and low filtered water turbidity.
  • Typical applications include municipal drinking water treatment, residential water treatment systems, beverage production, and protecting ion exchange resins from chloramines.
  • It has approvals and certifications like AWWA B604-96, EN12915, and NSF Std. 61.