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Enhance your swimming pool water with our Pool Vortexer featuring vortexing and energizing in one compact unit.

  • Save money on chlorine and reduce overall maintenance
  • Maintenance free – Zero upkeep
  • Never needs replacement
  • Eliminate red eyes and itchy skin.
  • Lifetime Warranty




Our In-line Pool Vortexor offers amazing benefits!



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How Does The Inline Pool Vortexor Enhance Water?

The Inline Pool Vortexor creates life enhancing water by bringing life force energies back into water using the principles of vortexing and energy transfer.

Your body requires structured and energized water in order to thrive and if the water entering your body isn’t structured, your body has to expend energy structuring water before it can be used for intracellular and extracellular activities. That’s why users will tell us they have more energy after drinking structured water.


Frequencies are a manifestation of waveform and they convey information. Voice and music frequencies convey information wirelessly. Digital signals convey information wirelessly. All material forms possess a frequency signature or signatures by which they communicate with everything else in creation. Understanding this principle is crucial to understanding how nature works and when we respect this principle, we are able to create products that are harmonious with nature but when we are ignorant of this principle, we end up creating disharmony. For instance, nuclear physicists and engineers are very smart people and they are able to extract amazing quantities of energy from rocks but unfortunately they accomplish this task in a manner that isn’t respectful or congruent with nature. The end result being that they create technologies and products wrought with dangers because of frequency corruption and the creation of malformation instead of harnessing information in its natural state.

There is a considerable body of evidence confirming that water collects, stores and transmits information much like a computer receives, stores and transmits information. Japanese author and researcher, Masaru Emoto, was a water researcher whose work with human consciousness, (which is essentially EMF energy), made him famous. He would freeze water which had been subjected to energetic stimuli such as rock music, classical music, kind words and harsh words to determine their effects on the crystalline structure of water.

We have begun to lay the groundwork for you establishing that all material forms emit energy and this energy can be described as electromagnetic in nature. Consequently, even our thoughts are electromagnetic in their composition and because of free will, we can cause our consciousness to emanate life enhancing energy or life depleting energy. What this means ultimately, is that each of us are electromagnetic generators, even mini power stations that are constantly sending out beneficial or detrimental energy based on our disposition and our grasp of truth. This puts a new perspective on how each of us can change not only ourselves but those around us including our environment by the power of speech, the power of prayer and by the power of the written word!
Consider this concept for a moment. The written word that resides on a sheet of paper or in digital form on your computer or cellphone screen contains the consciousness of a man in a static form until it is read. The act of reading is accomplished through electromagnetic energies forming a pathway through the eyes. As light energies reflect off or illumine the text on the page or screen, these energies reflect back through our eyes into our brain to be deciphered. Based on the principles of ‘form, frequency & function’, the brain in turn acts a repository or an energy sink from which the rest of body draws these energetic nuggets or bits as needed.
Now whether or not these energetic nuggets or bits are composed of gold or dung or something in between is determined by the collective formation of the posted text which defines its function and ultimately it’s frequency which may or may not be congruent with natural principles.

“The principle of, ‘form, frequency, function’, governs all energetic process at all times in all places.”

Describing a musical instrument, (without considering the musician), can give a clearer picture of how this process works. Consider the function of a violin which is to emanate beautiful sound using properly configured wood and strings. The form of the wood and strings of the violin in turn will determine the quality of the frequency emanating from the violin which in turn will inspire the heart, causing one to cringe or to be inspired or something in between.

Ultimately, the frequency emanation or transmission of an object or material form contains the information which is gleaned by our cells as a source of energy for proper cellular functioning and our water molecules in their multitude of configurations and densities is the receiver, repository and transmitter of all information.


  1. Ruby Stand (store manager)

    I purchased the Vortexor for my horse water tank (a big fiberglass stock tank) and noticed it was easier to clean the walls of the tank and the water stays cleaner for a longer time even though my water has a high iron and mineral content. My horse’s coat is now beautiful and shiny and she doesn’t rub her mane or head and neck against the fence post anymore. She is almost 23 yrs. old and looks and moves like a young horse again. Before installing the water structuring device, she had an episode where she was sick and losing weight and I was worried that she was just getting older but she is back to her beautiful self again.. I’m so thankful.

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