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**NEW** Quantum Hydro – Structured Energized Water Filtration System


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Greenfield Water Solutions Quantum Hydro is a whole-home system specifically designed for homes with 3.5 bathrooms or less. We understand the need for households of any size to supply their families with water in its natural state and our solution is a whole-home system which will filter, structure,  energize, mineralize and optionally descale your water throughout every spout in your home.  

What sets the Quantum Hydro apart from other home filtration systems?

Stage 1 –  Spindown Sediment 50/1 micron filter.

Stage 2  – PHA Technology – Pre pH adjustment technology for enhancing filtering capacity and effectiveness for stage 3 & 4 filters.

Stage 3 Electro-Positive Multifunction Filter for broad contaminant removal including fluoride.

Stage 4 – Carbon ZVI filtering for broad contaminant removal including arsenic, PFAs, chromium, etc…

Stage 5 – Structuring and Energizing Vortexer – Enhances hydration for people, plants and animals contributing to vitality and energy as well as improving filtration performance.

Stage 6Descaling  Turbo Descaler reduces scale without removing health enhancing elements and is a cost effective, maintenance free alternative to the salt based water softener. Lasts 10 to 15 years.

System design based on biomimicry principles resulting in no negative side effects as experienced with ROs and salt based softeners.

Product Dimensions: 24 1/2″L x 8″W x 33 1/2″H 

Water Filtration Concerns and Solutions:

  • Fluorides in Water:
  • General Water Polishing:
    • It’s recommended to use a Companion Undersink filter at your sink to mitigate any leeching from your plumbing.
  • Special Note for Well Water Users:
    • If you use well water, please contact us (or call 208-462-0626) before making an online purchase. This is to ensure the system configuration meets your specific water filtration requirements.


Components and filter media sourced from Italy, Germany, America, and Norway.

SEE BELOW FOR CRITICAL INFORMATION, CERTIFICATIONS, AND MAINTENANCE. (Confused and overloaded with information? Feel free to text Zach at 208-596-0886 to set up a call or communicate via text.)






What Do I Need To Know About Quantum Hydro?

The Quantum Hydro is a 5/6-stage whole house water filtration system with customizable filter options to address your specific water needs.

  • Stage 1 – Spin Down 50/1 micron Sediment Filter – Prolongs other filtration medias
  • Stage 2  – Electro-Positive Multifunction Filter for broad contaminant removal including fluoride.
  • Stage 3 – PHA Technology – Pre pH adjustment technology for enhanced capacity and effectiveness of Carbon-ZVI in stage 4
  • Stage 4 – Carbon-ZVI filtering for broad contaminant removal including arsenic, PFAs, chromium, etc…
  •  Stage 5 – Vortexer/Energizer: Comprised of pure copper, glass, and our proprietary harmonizer technology -Essential for maturing your water and introducing life force into your drinking water.
  • Stage 6 – Optional Descaling – The NaturalSof or Turbo Descaler reduces scale without removing health enhancing elements and is a cost effective, maintenance free alternative to the salt based water softener. Lasts 10 to 15 years.

Innovative Electro-Positive Technology - Outstanding Performance and Versatility

Ahlstrom-Munksjö's Electro-Positive Filter Media for Water Purification

Ahlstrom-Munksjö presents its breakthrough electro-positive technology designed to meet the rigorous demands of water purification. Unlike any existing water purification media available in the market, this filter utilizes an electro-adsorptive mechanism. The technology capitalizes on the inherent crystal structure of the mineral to generate a strong natural positive charge. This charge effectively attracts the negatively charged submicron contaminants that are commonly present in water. The innovative wet-laid nonwoven technology, featuring a pore size ranging from 1.2 to 1.5 microns, allows the capture of extremely small substances and pathogens. Simultaneously, larger particles are mechanically removed.

Benefits and Applications of The Electro-Positive Technology

1. Performance: The electro-positive filter  exhibits an unparalleled ability to remove a wide spectrum of pathogens and contaminants. It surpasses other technologies such as UF/Hollow fibers, carbon blocks, particulate cartridges, and UV technologies in eliminating bacteria, viruses, cysts, endotoxins, polysaccharides, trace pharmaceuticals, colloids, and other pathogens. Even when exposed to a challenge concentration of 1E5 -1E6 CFU/mL, maintains impressive removal capacities, achieving Log 6 level LRV values for E-Coli, corresponding to over 500 billion CFUs of E-Coli removed per square meter.

2. Energy Savings and Sustainability: Exceptional flux rates at lower pressure drops compared to competing technologies with comparable biological removal performance.

3. Product Safety and Taste: Ensures the removal of pathogens and contaminants while preserving the minerals responsible for water taste. Unlike RO systems, Disruptor® eliminates the need for handling “brine” waste water. It also stands out by resisting blockages and maintaining odor-free filters, even during periods of non-use. All Disruptor® grades conform to NSF/ANSI 42 standards for drinking water requirements.

4. Flexibility: Versatile and can be employed as a standalone solution or combined with other technologies based on specific water purification needs. 

An Essential Step: The Structured Water Vortexer​

Our Vortexer offers an economical, efficient and effective way to structure and energize water for your whole house. 

Each vortexer is carefully handmade and designed for optimal toroidal vortexing along with a harmonizing chamber featuring our proprietary technology for broadband energization. 

Anywhere water flows, the Vortexer will perform its magic of structuring and energizing utilizing principles which mimic the unequivocal power of nature.

Greenfield Water Solutions has been performing trials all over the world, for over a decade, with the same consistently astounding results. They are used in residential, farm, livestock, dairy, laundromats and much more.

Managing Expectations With Water Filter Systems

At Greenfield Water, while we strive to provide the highest quality water filtration systems, it’s important to understand that no system can remove 100% of all contaminants from water. The primary goal of our systems is to reduce key contaminants to levels below Health Guideline Limits (HGL), ensuring that the water you drink is safe according to these stringent guidelines. This approach is focused on making your water as safe as possible, while contributing to your life force energy, which is a realistic and practical approach to water filtration.

Key Points:

  1. Not Always Perfect: While our systems are among the best, achieving ‘perfect’ water every time isn’t always straightforward. Real-world water conditions can vary greatly, and sometimes, adjustments or different filters may be required to meet specific needs. This is a common aspect for all water filtration systems, but our dedication lies in partnering with our customers to find the right solution – we do not require you to make further purchases after your initial purchase – we will provide adjustments to your system (we do not cover install costs)

  2. Turbo Descaler: Our system includes a turbo descaler, which serves a dual purpose. It is designed to preserve essential source minerals in your water while effectively removing and preventing scale build-up in pipes and appliances. However, it’s important to understand that scale can still be present outside of pipes. The primary goal of the turbo descaler is to protect your appliances and plumbing.

  3. Real-World vs. Lab Conditions: While many water filtration systems boast impressive lab test results, it’s crucial to recognize that lab conditions do not always mirror real-world water scenarios. Variability in water quality means that results can differ from those achieved in controlled lab tests. This reality applies to all water filtration systems in the market.

Our Promise:

At Greenfield Water, we stand by our commitment to work with you until you are satisfied with your water quality. We understand that water filtration can be a complex process, and we are here to guide and support you through any necessary adjustments. Your satisfaction is our priority.

What's Wrong With Salt Based Softeners?

Salt-based water softeners, while effective in reducing water hardness, pose several health and environmental concerns. Firstly, they introduce a significant amount of low-quality sodium into the water supply. This can be a health issue. The added sodium also alters the natural taste and quality of the water.

Environmentally, salt-based softeners are less sustainable. They require a substantial amount of water for their regeneration process, leading to increased water waste. This is particularly concerning in areas facing water scarcity. Furthermore, the discharge from these systems, which contains high levels of salt, can have detrimental effects on the environment. It can lead to soil salinization, negatively affecting agricultural land and plant life.

Additionally, this salty discharge can harm local aquatic ecosystems when it eventually finds its way into water bodies. The cumulative effect of these factors makes salt-based water softeners a less desirable option for those seeking a sustainable and health-conscious approach to water softening.

We consciously choose not to sell salt-based water softeners, aligning with our philosophy of environmental stewardship and health consciousness. Salt-based systems, while effective in certain aspects, compromise the natural quality of water and contribute to environmental challenges, such as water wastage and ecosystem disruption. Moreover, the added sodium can be detrimental to human health, particularly for individuals with specific dietary or health concerns.

Instead, our Structured Water Filter Units are designed to mimic natural water processes found in the hydrologic cycle. These units combine traditional physical filtration with innovative vortex and energy transfer principles, ensuring the water is not only clean but also retains its life-enhancing qualities. Engineered for simplicity, they require minimal maintenance and are built to last, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.


  • SEDIMENT FILTER: Yearly or as needed – Washable with autoflush feature  – $25.00
  • ELECTRO-POSITIVE FILTER: Yearly/As Needed replacement –  $387.00
  • PHA PRE-FILTER:  Yearly/As needed replacement – $215.00
  • CARBON-ZVI FILTER: Yearly replacement – $140.00
  • TURBO-DESCALERNo maintenance required – replacement every 10-15 years.
  • VORTEXER/ENERGIZER: No maintenance – never needs replacing – Lifetime Warranty

NOTE: We are excited to announce that we will soon be manufacturing our own NSF certified replacement filters, a move that will significantly lower maintenance costs for our customers, with these new filters expected to be available in about 6 months.

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    Zach and Gary were very personable and worked with me to get the best system possible for our new townhome. Had a small utility closet to fit the system in so the engineering team helped customize the system to fit in the space available. Very pleased and the water quality seems great! Thanks!

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