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Replacement Filters for Companion Under Sink Systems


Replace  your under sink water filtration with our high-performance replacement filters, designed to work seamlessly with your existing Companion Under Sink System. These filters ensure comprehensive filtration, using advanced technology to deliver clean, safe, and great-tasting water directly from your kitchen sink.

Stage 1: Aquametix Filter The Aquametix filter effectively reduces a wide range of contaminants including heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines, and VOCs. It offers broad spectrum contaminant removal, ensuring safer and healthier water for your household.

Stage 2: ViroGuard VOC/Fluoride Filter Specifically designed for fluoride removal, this filter also addresses various volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other broad spectrum contaminants. It ensures the elimination of harmful substances, providing you with pure and clean drinking water.

Stage 3: KDF 55 Filter The KDF 55 filter media is highly effective in removing heavy metals, reducing chlorine, and controlling scale, bacteria, and algae. It significantly improves water quality by targeting and eliminating contaminants that can affect taste, odor, and overall water safety.

Stage 4: Customizable Carbon or Nitrate Filter The final stage offers customization based on your specific needs. Choose between a carbon filter for additional broad spectrum contaminant removal or a nitrate filter if you need to target and reduce nitrates in your water. Both options ensure the highest level of filtration and safety for your drinking water.

Advantages of this system:

  1. Addresses a broad spectrum of contaminants
  2. Most advanced filtration technology/configuration on the market for under sink filter-based systems.
  3. Filters made in Germany and America, ensuring top-quality performance and durability.

Maintain the purity of your water with these high-quality replacement filters, engineered to provide exceptional filtration and peace of mind.

Filter Replacement Guide Video