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Greenfield Water Solutions is thrilled to introduce a brand new water treatment system specifically designed for RVs.


Stage 1 – Sediment filter

Stage 2 – PHA Technology – Pre  pH adjustment technology for enhanced capacity and effectiveness of contaminant reduction.

Stage 3 Carbon ZVI filtering for broad contaminant removal.

Stage 4 – Structuring and Energizing Vortexer – Enhances hydration for people, plants and animals contributing to vitality and energy as well as improving filtration performance.



An Essential Step: The Structured Water Vortexer

Our Vortexer offers an economical, efficient and effective way to structure and energize water for your whole house. 

Each vortexer is carefully handmade and designed for optimal toroidal vortexing along with a harmonizing chamber featuring our proprietary technology for broadband energization. 

Anywhere water flows, the Vortexer will perform its magic of structuring and energizing utilizing principles which mimic the unequivocal power of nature.

Greenfield Water Solutions has been performing trials all over the world, for over a decade, with the same consistently astounding results. They are used in residential, farm, livestock, dairy, laundromats and much more.