The Tipatech™ Whole House Water Filter System coupled with our Copper Vortexer (included in price) is the perfect choice for transforming your city supplied water source. Enjoy filtered, scale free, mineralized, structured and energized water throughout your home. The “No hassle, No tools required All-In-One Filter” is easy to change and lasts up to one year.  The TipaTech is made in Israel and the Copper Vortexer is made in America, creating the ultimate water enhancement system unmatched for size and features.

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Whole House Water Filter

TipaTech Benefits

Improves Water Quality

Provides clear and drinkable water in your home and improves its taste

Fights Bacteria, Viruses & Parasites

Reduces bacteria and parasites in the water

Enhanced Water Filter

Filters water to a level of less than one micron, preventing: intestinal parasites, rust, and especially PLASTIC MICROFIBERS

Decreases Lead Exposure

Reduces the level of lead entering your home from your water supplier

Reduces Scale

Reduces up to 99% of all scale deposits in all water in your home


Proactively adds magnesium at a level of 60 mg/L to prevent cardiac events and neurological disorders, and is suitable for both natural and desalinated water

Easy installation and maintenance

TipaTech T-18 water system has a special design that makes the installation and maintenance simple.

Eco Friendly

TipaTech T-18 water system is a green power product, that conserves water and requires no electricity nor salt.

Softer Skin and hair

TipaTech T-18 water system makes soft water in your home and by doing so preventing dry skin and hair.

Warranty Included

TipaTech T-18 water system comes with a warranty

Unique Patent

The only water filtration system in the world that successfully reduces lead leakage from pipes and fittings in your home

All Faucets

TipaTech T-18 water system provides you clean and safe water for every faucet in your home

Stage #1 - Air Vent

Removes air from water and prevents aerobic bacteria corrosion and lead leakage

Stage #2 - Rocket Rod

Made of semi-precious metals to treat limescale problems

Stage #3 - T-18 Cartridge

Contains ceramic balls to prevent arsenic (agriculture spraying) and magnesium balls to add 60mg/l of Mg+2

Stage #4 - Mesh Filter

Made of stainless steel it filters the water to 20 microns, trapping sand, stones, algae, etc.

Stage #5 - PF Filter

made of polypropylene. The water flows through micro tubes. Filters water to 1 micron to prevent water parasites and microplastic fibers

Stage #6 - Multi Magnetic Sleeve

Made of pure silicone. The sleeve contains 4 strong neodymium magnets to keep the rust and metal parts inside the filter

Typical Installation of the TipaTech and the Copper Vortexer. For the drain line, attach a 3/4" OD x 5/8" ID clear vinyl hose to the outlet of the auto flush valve on the bottom of the filter.