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Titansorb Filter


  • TITANSORB is a new advanced wonder adsorbent made from titanium dioxide that can remove arsenic, lead, selenium, and other heavy metals from water, making it ideal for water purification.
  • It can also kill bacteria in water, providing an additional benefit for water treatment.
  • TITANSORB has the highest Arsenic loading capacity, operates in a wide pH range, offers high purity, and has very high adsorption capacity.
  • The adsorbent is cost-effective with little capital costs, no need for regeneration chemicals, and simple system designs for both manual and automatic systems.
  • It has fast kinetics, allowing for quick water treatment, and short Empty Bed Contact Time (EBCT) of 0.5 to 3 minutes.
  • The granules are strong, resulting in minimal pressure drop in the system.
  • TITANSORB has larger pore sizes, enabling rapid mass transport and reducing the size of pressure vessels required.
  • It is suitable for various water treatment applications, including Point-of-Use (POU) systems, Point-of-Entry (POE) treatment systems, and large systems for municipalities.
  • When arsenic levels exceed the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) of 5 μg/l, it is recommended to install a TITANSORB arsenic removal system for safe drinking water