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  1. Ed Green

    “I remember reading about the cattle going only to the structured water trough. I have a German ShortHaired Pointer. Gave him two identical bowls of original tap water and the other was structured water. He wouldn’t drink the tap water that he always drank. Pretty wild!!”

  2. Jeff Angel, Mount Vernon, Indiana

    I purchased a structuring unit for my parents who are in their eighties. They reported three notable events:

    Their toilet bowl was easier to clean.
    My father’s asthma attacks were easier to manage.
    My mom’s dementia stabilized.

  3. Julie M. (store manager)

    We literally got in the shower the first time after installation and were blown away – drinking it too is great. The other part we absolutely love is amazing water from every faucet. Love being able to drink out of any sink and appreciate that guests can fill up in their own bathroom. Really great system.

  4. Dr. Tony Miller (store manager)

    I wanted to thank you for all of your work on creating such amazing products.

    Our home filter is installed and we have noticed quite a few changes already, the biggest one has been the effect on our chickens. Prior to them having structured water, they were averaging 2 eggs per day the day we gave them structured water we have been 6-7 eggs per day, even in the midst of ice and snow storms that they typically dislike and cease laying.

    Again, very grateful for what you have created and as a family with two young boys, I couldn’t be happier knowing they are surrounded by such high vibrational water at their home.

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