TipaTech Benefits

Improves Water Quality

Provides clear and drinkable water in your home and improves its taste

Fights Bacteria, Viruses & Parasites

Reduces bacteria and parasites in the water

Enhanced Water Filter

Filters water to a level of less than one micron, preventing: intestinal parasites, rust, and especially PLASTIC MICROFIBERS

Decreases Lead Exposure

Reduces the level of lead entering your home from your water supplier

Reduces Scale

Reduces up to 99% of all scale deposits in all water in your home


Proactively adds magnesium at a level of 60 mg/L to prevent cardiac events and neurological disorders, and is suitable for both natural and desalinated water

Easy installation and maintenance

TipaTech T-18 water system has a special design that makes the installation and maintenance simple.

Eco Friendly

TipaTech T-18 water system is a green power product, that conserves water and requires no electricity nor salt.

Softer Skin and hair

TipaTech T-18 water system makes soft water in your home and by doing so preventing dry skin and hair.

Warranty Included

TipaTech T-18 water system comes with a warranty

Unique Patent

The only water filtration system in the world that successfully reduces lead leakage from pipes and fittings in your home

All Faucets

TipaTech T-18 water system provides you clean and safe water for every faucet in your home

Stage #1 - Air Vent

Removes air from water and prevents aerobic bacteria corrosion and lead leakage

Stage #2 - Rocket Rod

Made of semi-precious metals to treat limescale problems

Stage #3 - T-18 Cartridge

Contains ceramic balls to prevent arsenic (agriculture spraying) and magnesium balls to add 60mg/l of Mg+2

Stage #4 - Mesh Filter

Made of stainless steel it filters the water to 20 microns, trapping sand, stones, algae, etc.

Stage #5 - PF Filter

made of polypropylene. The water flows through micro tubes. Filters water to 1 micron to prevent water parasites and microplastic fibers

Stage #6 - Multi Magnetic Sleeve

Made of pure silicone. The sleeve contains 4 strong neodymium magnets to keep the rust and metal parts inside the filter