structured water


“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6

I have been attempting to do a search on viruses and their true purpose and Google is getting better all the time at hiding the truth behind a 4D virtual reality of deceptions, distortions, distractions and delusions.

Science in general is misinterpreting the role of viruses, bacteria and microbes, creating a false, misguided and contorted perspective of what they really do. All of these little living and non-living forms provide three crucial functions of cleaning, feeding and protecting cells and without them, there would be no life on earth.

I would encourage you to do a search online typing in this phrase, “Are viruses beneficial?”  You will find plenty of scientific articles revealing what all these non-living forms are doing in the world around us and in us.  For the best simplified explanation I know of, watch the video at the end of this article.

Given that I haven’t had a flu or cold in 15 years, I was wondering why that is? Colds and the flu are the body’s way of ridding itself of excessive toxins. When a person is eating and drinking right and properly dealing with stress, detoxification takes place in a normal uneventful manner but when a person is eating the wrong kinds of food, drinking unstructured and de-energized water, not dealing with stress properly and not mitigating toxic EMF, etc…then viruses kick in more dramatically to break down the excess load of toxins resulting in a very unpleasant detox process.

Bacteria, viruses and microbes are God’s little servants just doing whatever job needs to be done to support life processes, protect cells and deal with waste matter.  We know disease is the result of the fall of man and consequently, we are faced with many scenarios of brokenness which we identify as disease and sickness but these little non-living and living entities are getting a bad rap and are not harmful as God created them.

Everything God made is good and and it is modern science that has given us a false narrative while also modifying viruses, bacteria and microbes Ultimately, it is the irresponsible, ignorant, misguided and nefarious choices we and our fellow man make that harm us.