Family-Owned, Top Quality Materials, Innovative Designs, Powerful Results!

Best-Selling Structured Water Filters

Family-Owned, Top Quality Materials, Innovative Designs, Powerful Results!


Bottled water - Before and after structuring and energizing utilizing electrophotonic imaging.
This video is purely to observe the energetics of water.

Proven Success in Countless Worldwide Farm / Poultry / Livestock Trials
Structures & Energizes Water For Homes, Farms, and Industrial Applications
Fully Compatible with *Any* Home Filter System Worldwide
Utilizes Principles Of Quantum Hydrodynamics - 100% Natural
Expertly Handcrafted in the USA with Precision & Mindfulness

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We're Passionate About Putting life force back into your water!

Greenfield Water Solutions stands at the intersection of nature’s wisdom and cutting-edge innovation. Our mission and vision revolve around one core principle: to create water enhancement products that faithfully mimic the harmonious, structured water found in the natural world. We firmly believe that structured water is the key to unlocking vitality and productivity not only for plants but also for animals and people.

In a world where modern science and technology have often veered away from nature’s principles, resulting in increasing pollution of our environment, we are dedicated to restoring the purity and life-enhancing properties of water. Our commitment is to provide solutions that align with nature’s blueprint, ensuring that water remains in its natural and mature state, free from excess contaminants.

Benefits of Structured Water

Structured water is the essence of life itself. Just as the structure of letters in words defines their meaning, the structure of water molecules determines its function. Water is a dynamic information system, reflecting its environment, emotions, thoughts, and all the energies and elements it encounters. It acts as a humble servant, responding to the needs of life forms it encounters, accepting whatever it is given, and carrying within its liquid crystalline structure a record of everything it has experienced.

At Greenfield Water Solutions, we view water as a biological computer, capable of absorbing, containing, transmitting, and releasing information in a manner that benefits all life forms. Water is a perfect universal communication system, connecting all aspects of creation. It is our belief that by harnessing the power of structured water, we can rejuvenate and cleanse our environment, nourish our bodies with essential elements, and create a harmonious, life-enhancing ecosystem.

We embrace the philosophy that information is not just about data; it is about the quality and power of energy, structure, and intent. Every formation, whether it’s a word, a sentence, a symbol, or a chemical compound, derives its significance and energy level from its creator’s intent. We strive to mimic the formations of nature, aligning ourselves with the integrity and energy found in God-ordained natural principles.

Our commitment to structured water goes beyond theoretical understanding. We utilize implosion technology, combining centrifugation and centripetence to contract and compact water, creating a diamagnetic force. This process concentrates and purifies water, encapsulating and breaking down impurities while retaining its life-enhancing properties.

We recognize that structured water interacts with a wide spectrum of energies, from cosmic and solar to sound and electromagnetic frequencies. By understanding and respecting these natural frequencies, we can enhance the vitality of our surroundings and ourselves.

The Best in Water Purification Products

In an age where water treatments often overlook the invisible but critical aspects of water quality, Greenfield Water Solutions is dedicated to restoring the natural balance and vitality of water. We offer the best water purification system solutions that go beyond removing physical impurities, addressing the energetic and information aspects of water quality.

Our water systems are designed to harness the beneficial properties of structured water, offering a range of benefits, from improving health and wellness to enhancing plant growth and overall productivity. We stand for purity, vitality, and the power of nature, and we invite you to join us on a journey to experience the transformative potential of structured water. Together, we believe we can restore harmony to our environment, our bodies, and our lives.

Customer Testimonial

"I have complete peace of mind knowing that my Greenfield Naturals structured water filter is delivering to me clean pure structured water as close to nature as possible."
Ben Greenfield
Founder of Ben Greenfield Fitness & Kion