structured water


Ideal Applications For An RO

  • Converting seawater to drinking water
  • Creating drinkable water from high TDS water such as brackish water. (>1,000ppm TDS)

Ideal Applications For Filter Based Water Treatment

  • Any application other than above

What’s The Difference Between Filter Based Water Treatment  & RO?

  • A filter can differentiate between natural and unnatural with carbon/zeolite media while at the same time filtering size of organic and inorganic matter with a ceramic filter.
  • An RO membrane differentiates based only on size of organic or inorganic matter

Cons Of An RO & Filter Based Water Treatment

  • RO removes virtually everything from water except the smallest elements requiring a complete rebuild of the treated water in order to make it safe for drinking.
  • RO and filter based water treatment deal with only the physical aspects of water while neglecting the energetics as do virtually all water treatment options. This can be corrected for both systems by installing a Ceramic Mineral Cartridge.
  • Additionally, typically*, an RO requires more space, more pressure, (sometimes requiring a booster pump), more parts to replace and higher install costs.

Benefits: Four Stage Under Sink Structured Water Filter 

  • Subjects water to vortexing, eliminating corrupted energies while drawing in beneficial energies,
  • Exposes water to rich selection of health enhancing elements (For homes served by a salt based water softener, a ceramic mineral ball cartridge should be installed in stage two of our undersink system)
  • Selectively filters unwanted pathogens and toxins

* RO’s are the dominant choice when it comes to kitchen based water treatment and consequently, there have been great strides made in creating compact and cool looking countertop RO systems but they still fall short of creating the healthiest water possible.  

The ideal water treatment system would meet the following criteria:

  1. Dispense pure water, rich in all elements of the periodic table, perfectly balanced, vortexed and energetically charged.
  2. A filter based system rather than a membrane based system.
  3. Affordable and well designed.
  4. Easy to set up and easy to maintain.

Does Reverse Osmosis Technology Mimic Nature?

Question: If RO water is purified then how is it that pathogenic bacteria are breeding in the holding tank? Even if the holding tank is sanitized, the bacteria come back. Why is that?

The RO industry Answer: “Reverse Osmosis will remove all bacteria and viruses from water. RO uses membranes to purify water. … The holes or pores of an RO membrane, through which water is filtered out, is so small, that it traps not only the smallest of bacteria or virus but also blocks chemical molecules like that of salt.”

The Real Answer: The RO membranes are not filtering out all bacteria.*

Question: Why do these pathogens* breed in RO tanks but not in well water pressure tanks and water storage tanks?

Answer: RO water is dead water and pathogens* thrive in dead, low energy environments.

*Bacteria are present in all water and the same bacteria identified as a pathogen in dead water can be identified as a beneficial bacteria in living or energized water.  Bacteria are pleomorphic. It is all about the terrain, not the microbe. 

Fecal Water Experiment Confirms The Power of Natural Processes!

I placed two gallons of fecal infested waste water (from a Bangalore, India lagoon), into a plastic container with a cover. (The water had been previously tested to confirm the presence of e-coli and coliform bacteria).

I also placed one of my structuring devices hooked to an aquarium pump into the container. The Handheld vortexor contained no filter, only a vortex chamber plus a sealed Harmonizer cartridge

After one week of water passing through the structuring device, e-coli, (indicating presence of feces), was not detected. After two weeks of passing water through the structuring device, coliform, (indicating the presence of organic matter), was not detected.

To further prove purity, I drank the water in the presence or my colleagues who were appalled and feared for my well being.  Were bacteria still in the water? Yes, but the terrain had changed and so had the bacteria.

Conclusion: Natural processes and principles always trump man-created processes and principles. Trust nature’s way and you cannot go wrong.  Observe nature, contemplate nature and learn from nature and she will never let you down. Nature doesn’t ever lie!

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