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Customer Testimonials

"I have complete peace of mind knowing that my Greenfield Naturals structured water filter is delivering to me clean pure structured water as close to nature as possible." .
Ben Greenfield
Founder of Ben Greenfield Fitness & Kion
“I purchased a structuring unit for my parent’s who are in their eighties. They reported three notable events after installing the whole house structuring device. Their toilet bowl was easier to clean, my father’s asthma attacks were easier to manage when drinking a glass of energized water and my mom’s dementia stabilized.”
Jeff Angel

Mount Vernon, Indiana

“I am a 51 year old mother of eight children who has now purchased over twenty Personals placing them all over my home, in my business, (I run a colonics therapy clinic), in my car and in my pool as well as giving them to friends to try out. Here are my experiences with these cartridges: 1. My 85 year old mother sleeps with a Personal and for the first time in her life she has been able to consistently get a good night rest . Her chronic back pain has also been alleviated. 2. My husband, a California oil rig worker has endured chronic insomnia for years and now wakes up rested since sleeping with the Personal. He no longer takes pain medication for his muscle soreness. 3. My 13 and 21 year old daughters are sleeping better and my 13 year old no longer suffers from episodes of anxiety. 4. My 10 year old son is experiencing easier bowel movements 5. After placing a Personal in my pool, I’ve noticed oily residues no longer collect on the tiles and the pool seems to now clean itself. My friends have noted feeling more invigorated with an alleviation of ailments after swimming in my pool. 6. After placing one in the fridge, I’ve notice food stays fresher longer. 7. My home seems more peaceful since I’ve placed a Harmonizer in every room. 8. I own a Toyota Prius electric car and found that after spending a lot of time in my car I would become exhausted, even feeling sick. After placing two Personals in my car, I can now spend all day driving without feeling exhausted or sick.”
Sunshine Mitchell

Bakersfield, California

“I am very pleased with the result of the Personal cartridge. I bought it for my grandmother who suffers from body aches, bloated stomach and swollen feet. As soon as the Personal cartridge arrived, my grandmother used it for 10 hours and reported improvement in her condition without medication.”


“We love the Personal Harmonizerl cartridges! Drew and I have kept one in our bedroom and truly have been sleeping incredibly well. And, I’ve been feeling really good (you know I have had immune issues) – and it could be due to sleeping better, or just from the Personal, or a coincidence, I don’t know”
Maria B

San Clemente

“We’ve noticed the following since installing a Versatile Vortexer and 4-stage undersink unit with a mineralizing cartridge: 1. Our chickens consistently drink all of their structured water before resorting to unstructured well water when offered both options, side by side. 2. We always have enough hot water for showers, running out was an issue in the past due to the small size of our electric water heater. 3. We really like the taste of the water and therefore find it easier to hydrate sufficiently throughout the day. 4. After drinking the water for a few days I experienced a bit of a Herxheimer reaction (a good sign, shows the water is actually detoxifying the body), and have definitely noticed increased energy levels ever since.  “
Sarah Ricco

Tolland, CT

“All the residents of my condo have colored water coming out of their taps, my water is crystal clear! This is a miracle product!”
Bernie L.

Winnipeg, Canada

“Amazing…first time in ten years we’ve been able to drink our water.”
Ron Johnson

Moscow, Idaho

“I’d like to highly recommend Gary Greenfield to anyone with a water concern. When our well tested poorly for coliform and nitrates I was overwhelmed by yet another problem in my life. I didn’t know whether I needed to have a new well dug, or whether I needed a filtration system or an ion exchange system – or what I needed to do. I had no idea where to start or who to ask. Normally, my husband would have handled anything to do with the well or the farm; but he was seriously ill. Luckily, I remembered my husband mentioning Gary Greenfield and his interest in water. It was a huge relief when Gary said he’d be happy to help me sort things out. He consulted with me, a local plumber and companies that deal with well filtration and anion exchange products. He did all the research for me, found the best solution for us, coordinated everything, and kept me posted during the entire process. All this, as well as being supportive and helpful to me in any way he could. I would like to highly recommend Gary for his care of me as a customer, his work ethic and his interest in good water.”
Pat Boyd

Pullman, Washington

“Here’s the first thing I’ve noticed; corn grown with my structured water is taller, hardier with more robust root structure.”

Ozark Mountain Orchard

“I placed a Personal cartridge on my desk at the office where I work and I don’t know if it’s my imagination but it seemed to contribute to a more peaceful environment and my co-workers appeared more calm.”

Phoenix, Arizona

“An amazing product! I placed the Harmonizer cartridge in my pool and one in my spa. My cleaning efforts have been cut in half, the water is clearer and the chlorine smell is significantly reduced. I love it!”

Sacramento, California

“My 6 year old daughter, Lena, who frequently has nightmares, stole our Harmonizer cartridge one night when she heard my wife and I discussing how we slept better with the Harmonizer under our pillow.  In the morning, she excitedly proclaimed, “Daddy, I didn’t have a scary dream!” A week goes by and we forgot about it. The next morning my wife walked in and found her hugging the Harmonizer against her cheek. Kids are ultimate truth serum.”
“I’m 82 years old and have had to live with limited neck mobility and headaches for years due to a bone on bone issue with my cervical vertebrae. After just one night of sleeping on the mat, I experienced immediate relief from pain and amazingly, was able to turn my head from side to side for the first time in years.”
Millie W

Knoxville, TN

“Wearing the Harmonizer Wrap has helped keep me in a more balanced state throughout the day and I sleep better through the night. The Harmonizer cartridge provides relief from the pain I oftentimes experience in my gums, back, or my shoulders. I place the cartridge by the location where the pain is most intense and within a few minutes I get considerable relief. These are truly wonderful items. Thank you Gary for letting God work through you and for continuing to give us such fantastic products.”
A. Andrews

London, England

“Up until about 2 months ago, I always thought that water was just water, until I heard from a one liner on Ben Greenfield’s podcast where he mentioned his dad was doing work on water and that he had his dad’s products all over his house. So I googled Gary’s site and began to ask questions about this thing he called “structured water.” Gary is very knowledgeable and most of all, was extremely patient with me, as he explained and educated me on structure water. Needless to say, I ordered eight Personal cartridges and put them all over my home, from my bed to my refrigerator, my water system for inside and outside of my house, as well as in my shower. The first thing that happened is that I slept better. Amazingly, my sleep apnea and breathless improved the next morning after just one night. Little by little, more energy creeped into my life. Now I drink water from my faucet instead of the bottled. My grass and plants outside grow better too. But this is only after a month of using it, so I will most definitely keep you informed. Lastly, I have now developed a great thirst for knowledge about water and recently acquired the book from Amazon called, ‘Dancing with Water’ which is highly informative as well as very exciting to read. Thank you Gary for your knowledge and patience!”
“I have always had a problem with my humidifier clogging up with mineral deposits. My son put one of those cartridges on my waterline and the problem went away. Now I check it once a month and it still doesn’t need to be demineralized. I don’t need to use distilled water anymore. Tap water works very well. Don’t know how it works, but it works wonders.”
Marion J

Moscow, ID

“A friend of mine had a hard time swallowing plain water for years. It made her feel like gagging. When I introduced structured water to her she was doubtful but was very willing to try it. Amazingly, she easily swallowed the water without discomfort. She quickly purchased a Handheld water structuring device and has never looked back! She also carries this water everywhere with her. What a change!”


“I installed a water structuring unit onto my daughter’s water line. Within a few hours they had to call a plumber to unclog the drain lines because of black gook being released from the water pipes and clogging the lines. It’s been a few months now and my daughter is now drinking her tap water and no longer purchasing bottled water.”
Ron J

Moscow, Idaho

“The Handheld Harmonizer has been an amazing part of our life and I can always tell a difference in how well I’m hydrated when I use it. It’s something we never leave home without and use every day. Thank you for what you do and we look forward to whatever comes next.”
Jarred M
“What I have noticed is that drinking your water is more hydrating than regular water. Regular water makes me have to pee much more, so less moisture is retained. Another thing I noticed is that my arthritic thumb benefited from your water.”
“Our water is hard and my landlord wouldn’t allow us to install a water softener, so Gary suggested we try out the Harmonizer cartridge. Within two weeks, my frizzy hair was no longer frizzy and the spots on my glassware had diminished.”

Moscow, Idaho

“I drive truck for a living and whenever I’m on the road, the Personal cartridge is by my side. I noticed that I’m not bothered as much by careless drivers and I seem to be more calm. Can’t say for sure that it’s the Harmonizer but I won’t give it up for anything.”
“I have used the Personal with a structured water device already attached to my water line. The first night I noticed a difference in the taste and smell of the already structured water – an obvious difference. The water from the structured water machine still retained a faint scent of chlorine but since placing the Harmonizer next to my main water line, the water is ”bubbly” – like – it leaves my mouth and gums tingly – as if I had just rinsed my mouth in peroxide. This makes me think the oxygen and hydrogen levels have increased in the water. The water is most delicious and my friends and family say the same.”

Highland, Michigan

“Thank you so much for the Harmonizer cartridge! I was having trouble sleeping, I would lay down and just could not fall asleep. I spoke to Gary and he suggested I try a Personal out, so I got one and put it on my night stand and have found that I sleep way better. I sleep all the way through the night without waking up and feel rested in the morning. Highly recommend this product. Will refer many friends. If you have trouble sleeping I would buy one! I have also tried the wrist band. Works great for sore muscles. I pulled a muscle in my left shoulder and when I put the wrist band on my pain/soreness got significantly better while wearing it. Great products! Thank you so much Greenfield Naturals.”


“I placed the cartridge in the refrigerator next to the milk and this the best tasting milk I’ve had since I left the farm 65 years ago. Everything in the refrigerator tastes better. I set it next to a plastic container of well water and the water tastes better and it makes great coffee too. The other cartridge I placed in bed so the wife and I sleep with it close to us. It seems to have given me more energy.”
A Satisfied Customer
“I’ve have been suffering from poor health for ten years and no doctor has been able to help me. To make matters worse, I was recently diagnosed with a tumor on my colon. I purchased one of your Harmonizer Wraps and after wearing it, I can’t tell you how amazed I am by what is happening to me. The tumor on my colon has been expelled and I am feeling better than I have in ten years. Praise God and thank you so much for creating this wonderful product.”

Mazque, Texas

“In April, 2014, I sustained a partially torn bicep tendon from lifting a heavy bag of kitty litter. After four months of rest and frustration with continual pain and limited mobility, I finally realized I needed to see an Orthopedic Surgeon who also happened to my friend. An MRI confirmed his exam diagnoses of a partially torn bicep tendon. He assured me that neither physical therapy or rest would heal the tendon and in time this injury would worsen and my arm would grow weaker. He also told me the surgery would require cutting the compromised tendon (one of two tendons) and that my cost after insurance would be $6,000. To say the least, I was discouraged and not looking forward to surgery. In the meantime, I heard about Gary’s products and installed one of his water structuring devices onto my waterline for my house, began sleeping on the mat and wearing a wrist wrap. Amazingly, within a few days, my shoulder had improved to the point where I was able to raft, kayak and unintentionally, (egads!), swim in level 4 rapids. Since using Gary’s products, I haven’t required pain relievers of any kind and I can say my shoulder is 95% functional with the exception of not being able to do pull-ups and I am now working out with my personal trainer again. I have resumed all activities I previously had been doing prior to my injury; horseback riding, mountain bike riding, hiking plus heavy lifting and hauling which my farm life requires. For a while, I stopped wearing the wrist wrap but slept on the mat every night and after about a month I felt a stiffening of sorts in the shoulder joint. I started wearing the wrist wrap again and within a day the stiffness was gone. Thank you, Gary, for these wonderful products.”

Salinas, California

““Taffy, my dog, is 13 years old and our vet told me she two months to live as she had lost control of her bladder and was experiencing adult onset diabetes requiring 17 units of insulin twice daily. She wasn’t eating and going downhill quickly. A friend suggested we switch from tap water to structured water. We did so using a Handheld structuring device from Greenfield Naturals. Her bladder recovery has been remarkable and she has more energy and is eating well. I attribute her recovery to structured water.””
Gil Murphy


“”We installed the structuring device a couple of months ago. Immediately, we noticed our chickens and ducks were a lot calmer and making less noise. We just harvested our Thai gourd and it was at least twice the size of regular ones. It was very sweet and delicious. We attribute a lot of it to the device! We got the 2″ diameter one.””
Dhidhat Vanichstian


“I’m experiencing a calming effect with the Harmonizer Cartridge and still trying wrap my head around it, definitely something good. Tested water out of my Berky after structuring it with the Handheld Vortexor and water is smoother and taste even better than before. (We have good well water as a start)  Also tried it with some organic wine – flavor is boosted and more fruity.”
Kevin Strickland

Brooks, ME