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Water is structured and energized as it interacts with the natural environment. Pipes, pumps, chemicals, synthetic and corrupted natural materials all work to de-energize and de-structure water. Water can only be structured and energized by mimicking what happens to water in nature.

Water is our most precious resource yet it is severely neglected and misunderstood by modern science. We will not be able to fix our water issues until we acknowledge the invisible attributes of water.

Our Water Enhancement devices contain the technologies necessary to fix any and all water issues facing the world today.

There is something amazing about the structure of water and how dramatically this invisible attribute can make such a dramatic difference in the health of plants, animals and people.

GDV camera technology captures the electro photonic discharge from organic and inorganic matter…literally recording the non-visible, electromagnetic energy frequencies emitted by the object.


Is there really a discernible difference between tap water, spring water from Warm Mineral Springs, North Port, Fl. and Greenfield Naturals water? This simple experiment says, yes, there is a difference the implications are huge for agriculture.


Note how each of the minerals depicted in these videos possess a unique energy signature or light pattern.

The characteristics of these light patterns are determined by the molecular configuration of the mineral.

Each mineral is like a musical instrument with the shape and composition of the mineral determining what the light looks like as it is emitted by the mineral.

All mineral energies have a role to play in maintaining health and vitality. The principle of “form, frequency, function”, is at work here, which is to say that the function of the mineral is determined by its frequency which is a manifestation of its molecular form.
“Ten years ago, if someone were to tell me that rocks, gemstones, and minerals could cleanse water, reduce pain, contribute to healing, accelerate injury recovery, while enhancing strength, agility, and peace of mind, I would have considered them to be either delusional or a snake oil salesman.”
All minerals, including tourmaline are beneficial for the health and vitality of plants, animals and people. Our water structuring devices contain a broad array of minerals which pass their energetic signatures to water which are then carried into the cell structure of plants, animals and people to impart vital life force.

Note the difference between this Sea Salt video and the Himalayan Salt video below. Sea Salt is evaporated from water while Himalayan Salt is found in land deposits.

Selenite is composed of the elements hydrogen, oxygen and silicone. The roots of the word ‘human’ are ‘man from earth’. The earth represents all the elements of the periodic table which are all present in each of us. A deficiency of any elements results in a loss of vital force. A low energy environment is a haven for disease. Our water devices structure and energize water for the purpose of imparting vital life force to plants, animals and people.

There is a difference between the natural salts such as Himalayan salt and Morton’s table salt. Table salt is stripped of it’s elemental content resulting in a substance not found in nature. Consequently, cells don’t recognise it. Substances the cells don’t recognise are defined as toxins.

Quartz is made of silicone and oxygen which are two elements of the periodic table. Everything in creation is made of elements and all elements are made of the hydrogen atom placed in different configurations. Hydrogen means water in the beginning.

Sand consists of tiny quartz rocks and quartz is the second most common mineral behind feldspar. All minerals receive energy from the field and convert it. All matter converts energy from one frequency to another. Our cells are tuned to harvest particular energies for particulars functions.

Copper bracelets and body wraps really do work and this video shows why. Your body picks up the light energy emitted from the copper and uses these light energies to clean, feed and protect your body. This is true for all elements, so long as they are in their natural state.

Everything emits frequency! Energy is everywhere and matter is everywhere. Even the atmosphere is comprised of matter in a gaseous state.

Modern science doesn’t acknowledge anything you are viewing on this page or on this website. Without fail, every college professor I have ever talked about my work has ridiculed it or rejected it.

This is silica formed into a spherical shape. Silica holds memory.  Silicone Valley is famous for computers which are simply memory storage devices!

There is nothing new under the sun. Anything man invents is already operating in nature.

The higher the nutrition level of the a fruit or vegetable, the greater the light emissions.

The reason why minerals and all forms emit light is because everything is in a sea of energy and as this energy interacts with matter, an energy pattern is created which is unique to each particular material formation.  Read my e-book for more on this concept.


This video shows how to load filters in the our Whole House Structured Water Filter. The AquaMetix filter array will remove heavy metals, fluoride, and chemicals. The GW5 holds five filters and will operate efficiently and treat up to 5 gallons per minute. The GW7 holds seven filters and will operate efficiently and treat up to 7 gallons per minute.

Structured Water Trials – June, 2013 – Mysore, India – Yields doubled, dramatic difference in taste, texture and moisture content. The only difference was water structure!

This pool owner had installed a water structuring device onto his main water line and then placed a Harmonizer cartridge in his pool skimmer.

This video instructs how to open and close the lid clamp on a GW5 and GW7.

LID ATTACHMENT GW5 / GW7 This video shows quality control practices at the factory that manufactures our stainless housings for us and also instructs how to attach the lid clamp on a GW5 and GW7.


This video shows how to remove the 10″ filter housing using the tool provided with the Undersink or Countertop Structured Water Filter,


This is our newest stainless steel four stage Structured Water Filter designed for installing under counter. This unit features double filtration, structuring and energization as an under counter install to create healthy, hydrating water at your kitchen sink. Can also be plumbed for use with your fridge water dispenser.

  • Provides clear and drinkable water in your home and improves its taste
  • Reduces bacteria and parasites in the water
  • The only water filtration system in the world that successfully reduces lead leakage from pipes and fittings in your home.
  • Reduces the level of lead entering your home from your water supplier
  • Reduces up to 99% of all scale deposits in all water in your home
  • Reduces arsenic from medication and spraying
  • Proactively adds magnesium at a level of 60 mg/L in order to prevent cardiac events and neurological disorders, and is suitable for both natural and desalinated water
  • Filters water to a level of less than one micron, preventing: intestinal parasites, rust, and especially Plastic Micro Fibers.