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While on a tour of farms in South India back in 2013, I was sharing a story with a group of farmers about how cattle preferred structured well water over non-structured well water.  So to prove my point, we set out two buckets of water for this dairy cow pictured above. Both buckets were filled with water from the open cistern which was situated on a pristine and absolutely beautiful chemical free farm.

To structure the well water, I simply passed it through a portable structuring device one time. We left the cow with the two buckets of water and then waited anxiously to see what the cow would do. He sniffed the well water and took a single lick and proceeded to sniff the structured water and then did nothing. We all stood watching for a few minutes and when it was apparent the cow was not interested in either bucket of water, I announced it was time to continue my presentation on water. When my talk was over we all walked around the barn to see how the cow was faring. The cow had drank the structured water bucket literally dry and while leaving the bucket of well water untouched.

What I’ve also noticed is that when water isn’t structured or energized animals and poultry can exhibit agitated, skittish and antisocial behavior. I watched a calf exhibit these signs yet once the calf began drinking structured water, it become peaceful, friendly and happy.

During our first poultry trials in India, the farmer caring for his chickens observed skittish and agitated behavior in the poultry barn supplied by well water while the poultry supplied with structured water appeared peaceful and content.   Up until this structured water trial, this farmer would have never known that chickens could exhibit peaceful, calm behavior.


  • Increased weight gain with less feed
  • Less water consumption with improved hydration
  • Superior growth rate
  • Able to withstand temperature extremes
  • Elimination of odor
  • Better quality milk fat and meat flavor
  • Dramatic reduction in calf mortality
  • Overall improved health
  • Decreased use of antibiotics
  • Decreased clogging of nozzles