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FLOW SPACE: THE PODCAST: The Natural FLOW of Water with Gary Greenfield


Flow Space: A sacred space where ideas can be explored without judgment; as we journey through life experiencing and expanding while on the pursuit of mastering the art of BEing. As you tune into our frequency, you will hear activations through our words as we grow together. We discuss relevant topics to what we are navigating through- individually and as a collective, reflect on past experiences to decipher lessons, & Consciously practice the integrations of these lessons as we navigate daily life here on earth. 

A message from Jerika: Although I am co-host of this show, I am also a listener. I get surprised every time I hear Diandra & I speak. The words are triggering, activating, motivating and healing. Every episode is a session for my inner child, higher self and human. These episodes allow me to awaken the remembrance that lives within so that I walk with these essential teachings in my every moment. Diandra, Thank you for co-creating this space and showing me my reflection through our conscious conversations. I see you. I am you. I love you 

A message from Diandra: Every time I listen, I’m washed over with an all encompassing amount of gratitude so much so it makes me want to cry, the gratitude is infinite – life is full ~wherever you go, give yourself space to flow~