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THRIVALITY PODCAST: Next Gen Water Filtration & Restructuring For Vibrant Health With Gary Greenfield

  • Want the best water for you and your family to support nutrient assimilation, energy, and overall health?
  • Concerned about Fluoride, Chlorine, Arsenic, and other pollutants and how they impact your health?
  • Want to understand how water actually works in the body and how it imparts nutrition and information?
  • Want to have better tasting drinking water, tea / coffee, and an energizing shower or bath?


Well then you have come to the right place!

Very excited to have Mr Gary Greenfield from Greenfield Water on the show today to explore water, what it is, how modern water can be filtered and revitalized, and how vitalized water conveys nutrients, information, and energy, to the human body for improved human health.

And If the name Greenfield rings a bell, it’s because Gary is the father of health and fitness expert Ben Greenfield. Gary has been studying water for years and we dive deep what water is, how it works in the body, challenges with conventional utility based and well waters, and what to do about it.

We also explore terrain theory, the notion the bugs can only take advantage of a compromised or sub optimal inner environment, the role water plays in detoxification, conveying energy and information, how straight piping in homes negatively impacts waters vital force, what filtration units can remove and why some contaminants are really hard to filter, and more.

I have used Gary’s water filtration and energizing products for over two years now, but I recently installed one of his more advanced whole house filtration systems. Combined with his water revitalizing unit, my wife and I are enjoying the best water ever for drinking, making tea / coffee, and taking showers & baths. Friends rave about our coffee so I know we are doing something right! We explore how the new unit I had installed works in combination with his water revitalizing / restructuring unit helps support health, energy, and detoxification. And also what maintenance is required and how often filters need to be changed.