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Aquaflex Replacement Filter Pack


The AquaFlex housing is equipped with four essential filters, each serving a distinct purpose in improving your water quality.

Stage 1 – Sediment 25/1 micron: Our spin-down filter is replaced with a more efficient cartridge filter, ensuring the removal of sediments and impurities for crystal-clear water.

Stage 2 – pH Enhancement (pHA Technology): This pre pH adjustment technology optimizes filtration capacity and effectiveness for the subsequent stages (3 & 4) of the purification process.

Stage 3 – Electro-Positive Multifunction Filter: A powerhouse in removing a wide range of contaminants, including troublesome fluoride.

Stage 4 – Carbon ZVI Filter: Highly effective in addressing a broad spectrum of contaminants, including arsenic, PFAs, chromium, and more.

We understand the value of convenience, which is why we bundle a one-year supply of filters, packaged and sent directly to your doorstep. With this hassle-free setup, you only need to order filters once a year.

Here’s what you’ll receive in your package: 3 Sediment filters, 1 pHA Filter, and 1 ElectroPure Filter. (The Sediment filter should be changed approximately every four months or as needed to ensure optimal performance.)

For well water applications, please reach out to us before purchasing filters, and our team will assist you in selecting the ideal filters tailored to your specific water dynamics.