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20″ LSX Replacement Filter


FILTERSORB®CT is the best way to treat both anions as well as cations in hard water which can provide safe treatment of scale with 100 times more power.

The formation of heavy deposits of calcium and magnesium, silicate and sulfate scale has become a major operational problem for domestic, industrial and all commercial applications. Scale formation combined with silicate and sulfate ions in the well water, seawater is resistant to removal with acid. The scales formed are of such low solubility that occurred deposition cannot be cleaned. If not treated with FILTERSORB® CT, this scale can rapidly lead to severe productivity impairment.

Excellent alternative to a salt water softener or conditioner, utilizes advanced German technology and provides powerful treatment of challenging hard water situations.

German engineered and made.

4.5″ X 20″ Big Blue filter replacement every 3-5 years depending on water dynamics. 

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