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Nitrate Reduction Replacement Filter


Introducing Nitrotrapp®, the world’s first high-capacity adsorber and de-adsorber designed to selectively trap nitrates. With five times the capacity of other commercially available adsorbers, Nitrotrapp® meets stringent drinking water standards while providing essential bicarbonates for your health.

Unlike other nitrate removal systems, Nitrotrapp® offers a custom-designed adsorber that not only removes nitrates but also enhances water quality. It stands apart from ion exchange or reverse osmosis-based media, ensuring optimal nitrate removal without compromising your water’s taste.

Nitrate, a compound found naturally and in various human-made sources, can pose a serious threat to your water quality. It’s often present in lakes, rivers, and groundwater, but the challenge lies in the fact that you can’t detect nitrate by taste, smell, or sight. Excessive nitrate consumption, especially for infants, can lead to harmful health effects.

The Dangers of Nitrate

Excess nitrates in water can impact the body’s ability to carry oxygen, resulting in a condition known as methemoglobinemia, also called blue baby syndrome. This condition can cause the skin to turn blue and, in severe cases, even lead to serious illness or death. Other symptoms include decreased blood pressure, increased heart rate, headaches, stomach cramps, and vomiting. Additionally, high nitrate levels in water may contribute to an increased risk of cancer.

Sources of Nitrate

Nitrate can be found naturally in some foods like spinach and carrots, originating from processes like plant decay. However, it’s also prevalent in many fertilizers used in yards, golf courses, and agriculture. Other sources include sewage system discharge and animal waste.

Protecting Your Water

High nitrate levels in drinking water, typically exceeding 10 mg/L, can result from runoff or leakage from fertilized soil, wastewater, landfills, animal feedlots, septic systems, or urban drainage. Identifying the exact source of nitrate contamination can be challenging due to the numerous possibilities. That’s why we recommend removing all nitrates from city and well water systems.

Ease of Use and Regeneration

Remember, nitrates are not absorbed through the skin or released into the air, so protection is primarily needed for drinking water. Our nitrate filter is easily regenerated using a brine solution of 30% salt and 70% water. Simply let the filter soak in the brine solution for a few hours, followed by a rinse in clean water before reuse.

Choose Your Cartridge

Nitrotrapp® offers versatility with two cartridge options:

– The Inline Cartridge, designed to attach to the vortexer (clips available upon request at checkout).
– The 10″ Cartridge, compatible with standard 10″ filter housing.
– The 20″ Cartridge, ideal for big blue housing.

Ensure the safety of your water supply with Nitrotrapp®—your ultimate solution for nitrate removal.