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Replacement 5 Stage pHA Filters *FOR WHITE POLY HOUSINGS ONLY*


Greenfield Water Solution’s Under Sink Structured Water Filter Solution system creates triple stage filtration, structuring and energizing right at your kitchen sink using the best of American water filtration technology.  Filters included will all aid in broad spectrum contaminant removal, which also includes Fluoride, Arsenic, Pharma, and thousands more. Third party lab tests available at each link.

  • Stage 1 – pHA Technology – Pre carbon-based hydrogen catalyst pH adjustment technology resulting in enhanced capacity and effectiveness for Carbon-ZVI / Titansorb media in filter #3.
  • Stage 2 –Fluoride removal specific filter (also addresses broad spectrum contaminants)
  • Stage 3 – Carbon-ZVI / Titansorb broad spectrum contaminant removal, negative ion contaminates are placed into the ideal environment in stage 2 to be removed by this stage.
  • Stage 4 – Structuring: Enhances hydration utilizing toroidal vortexing principles, for people, plants and animals contributing to vitality and energy as well as improving filtration performance.
  • Stage 5 – Energization of the water utilizing our built in harmonizer, which provides resonances and rich information to the water, enhancing energetics and placing the water into an ideal state to be utilized by our cells.
  • OPTIONAL – In-line mineralizer post filtration system – After water is filtered, pH is enhanced using natural 99.99% pure MgO + CaO, highly beneficial elements for people, plants and animals, also inhibits corrosion.


Advantages of this system:

1.) Addresses broad spectrum contaminants (See brochure for more info)

2.) Most advanced filtration technology/configuration on the market for undersink filter based systems.

3.) System design based on biomimicry principles resulting in no negative side effects as experienced with ROs and salt based softeners.