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Just signed up for the show notes and received a follow up email with this opening line:

“Here’s my promise to you: I’ll cut through the crap and misinformation and snake oil out there in the fitness world (there’s too much of it to count) and give you only the best field-tested, research-backed, no-BS advice.”

We’re all well aware that the term, “structured water” sets off bells and whistles for virtually everyone, given the false information and pseudoscience that is passed off as respected mainstream science prevailing on the Internet.

Pseudoscience is pretty much now mainstream science and so long as you link to “scientific trials”, or quote “mainstream science authorities”, your products will gain respect, regardless of actual end results.

I’m bringing this up, just so that I can remind everyone that Greenfield Naturals products are field tested, (my customers), and research based, (mostly in-house), with no need to exaggerate claims and our product popularity is continuing to make inroads into the mainstream marketplace.

Check out this university study * I initiated with my Indian business partners in 2013. Since this study was initiated, I have continued to improve product performance.  This study cost my business partners, $11,000 which here in America would have easily cost two or three times as much.  Up until now, I have focused on perfecting our product line rather than initiating costly academic trials and my main reason for this has been primarily that I didn’t want to invest copious amounts of cash into a product I wasn’t done perfecting. Well, I’m done perfecting and ready to focus on establishing inroads into the marketplace.

Regarding surface tension changes of water after passing through one of our units, check out this report*. Simply put, surface tension will affect water permeability through a cell wall and water’s ability to dissolve salts in soils or any environment. The end result is improved nutritional uptake and more efficient use of energy exerted by cells to promote growth and strengthen immunity.

Just as reminder, our web store also offers premium, third party tested filtration systems for travel, under sink, countertop and whole house applications.

That’s if for now everyone, have a wonderful day.

*Greenfield Naturals assisted in launching this Indian company and providing our products to them but we’re no longer associated with them.