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WHAT DO SLEEPING NAKED AND STRUCTURED WATER HAVE IN COMMON? is the world’s most popular natural health news website and of the last twenty-five articles posted on their website, other than an article on sleeping naked, an article on structured water attracted more hits than any other article with over a quarter million visits.

Yet, with this newly emerging interest in the topic of structured water, Dr. Mercola has no suggestions for how to obtain structured water other than sourcing a spring, juicing or drinking cold water.

So why doesn’t Dr. Mercola offer more practical suggestions for one of the most significant delimmas of the 21st century?

Dr. Mercola is an avid follower of my son, Ben, who runs and in a recent podcast with Dr. Mercola, Ben shared with Dr. Mercola the work his father is doing with structured water.

Dr. Mercola’s response was silence, yet Dr. Mercola is very vocal about Dr. Pollack’s work with EZ water which exhibits similar qualities of structured water. Dr. Pollack is also vague when it comes to practical suggestions for creating structured water. So, what’s going on with these doctors?

Whether it’s called structured water, EZ water, hexagonal water, energised water or whatever, science is still silent, skeptical and even cynical when it comes to practical solutions.

At the same time though, there is a ground swell movement of the masses, (thanks to these doctors), which are now beginning to appreciate that there is more to water than what meets the eye and the water industry at large is beginning to realize our water problems cannot be fixed using only traditionally accepted methods of water purification.

Additionally, the medical community at large is beginning to connect the dots between the importance of structured water and optimal health as is evidenced in the structured water article mentioned above on Dr. Mercola’s website.

Our modern so called progressive culture has and is destroying all things natural and water in its natural unadulterated state is no longer available to most of the world’s population due to dams, straight pipes, pumps and chemicals.

In order to attain optimal health, biomimicry principles must be applied in the research and development of water enhancement products.

Here are the three simple principles nature uses to create spring like water:

1. Water must have a physical relationship with natural minerals.

2. Water must be free to move naturally with vortex actions.

3. Water must be exposed to natural EMF, (electromagnetic frequencies).

That’s it!

It’s really simple!

I been involved in research and development of biomimicry water products since 2009. I have now reached the point in my research where I’m able to develop effectively working products based on these three simple yet complex principles and I will be introducing my newest water enhancement product, the HydroZ in the very near future.

In the meantime, I would encourage you to bring more of the energies of nature into your home, office and vehicle by taking advantage of our over the top, great pricing on the Personal Energiser cartridge.