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Structured Water

Structured water is a term for water in its natural state as God created it. Water becomes structured via natural motions as it travels on, above and in the earth. These natural motions in turn enhance water’s ability to uptake and release nutritive elements and minerals both physically and energetically. Structured water can also be defined as water in a perfect form and composition designed to optimize it’s function of cleaning, feeding and protecting.

Everywhere in nature, water travels in left and right turn spins while being subjected to vortexing motions. These actions also take place throughout the human body within the circulatory, lymphatic and digestive systems but in order for these bodily processes to function optimally, they require the payload of energy that only structured water can deliver to the body via consumption and bathing.

All forces in nature exist as ying and yang, negative and positive, centripetal and centrifugal, contraction and expansion. These natural forces work on every living cell in every living thing on earth to draw in life sustaining energies for cell functions while at the same time facilitating the release of waste energy from the cell.

God created everything in nature to exist in a homeostatic state and that is why nature is self-sustaining, regenerating and rejuvenating. The corrupted and ignorant actions of mankind are the only component that pollute and destroy the perfect order of nature and the structure of water. Cells cannot thrive in unstructured water and there are four unnatural manmade actions and forces that destructure water:

1. Water being sucked up from under the earth through straight pipes instead of collecting water as it levitationally rises to the surface.

2. Water being transported for miles through straight pipes instead of allowing water to weave, spin and vortex throughout its journey

3. The presence of dams on the majority of rivers all over the earth which interrupt the natural flow of water.

4. Chemicals and mechanical devices which emit electromagnetic frequencies not congruent with nature.

In conclusion, structured water supports life and when water is not structured death ensues. The only force on earth that can destructure water are the actions of man and it is for this reason that access to natural sources of structured and energized water is nigh impossible for most people in our modern world.

The mission of Greenfield Water is to make structured water available right from your tap and we’ve developed and are continuing to develop structured water products and devices that will structure and energize water for people, plants, animals and the environment. If you are drinking structured water, it will act as the perfect servant expending every last bit of energy within its structure to clean, feed and protect the body and every other living thing on earth.