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India structured water installation pomegranate orchard

I had the opportunity to spend a total of over six months in India as a structured water evangelist between the years 2011 and 2015.  My trips to India were some of most amazing experiences of my life in regards to the fruitfulness of our work. I was continually inspired by the people of India, their innovativeness, their appreciation for nature and their humility.  At every meeting, presentation and tour and with every group we were always welcomed with open arms, wonderful hospitality and curious, inquiring minds.  Had it not been for my mother’s failing health, I most likely would be living in India today.  I hope to return someday soon to see how the fruits of our labors have grown.

Note the 100% increase in yield, night and day difference in taste, texture, formation and moisture content and no sign of pests having eaten the leaves. I have been working with structured water since 2009 and these are the normal results of using structured water. Effects are the same for people and animals too!

Structured water creates a high energy environment and pests and molds only thrive in a low energy environment.  Structured water creates a high energy environment for all plants, animals and people.

These photos were taken the same day. Note the difference in maturity. Plants grow faster, with more biomass, higher yields and minimal if any damage from pests, fungus or adverse weather conditions. Structured and energized water is unsurpassed in the benefits it offers to farmers, ranchers, dairymen and the agricultural industry at large.

Structured water contributes to nicer looking skin for plants, animals and people. Why?  Structured water contributes to improved cell hydration.

Crops grown with structured water requires less water and fertilizers, yet produce higher yields and healthier product.

The difference between success and failure, profits and losses, lies with the quality of your water. Your water is either structured and energized or it’s not. It’s either health enhancing or it’s not. It’s either corrupted by modern technologies or else it is structured and energized by ancient natural principles. It’s as simple as that!


We were installing a water structuring for a coconut farm near Mysore.

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