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We call our water products what we do because of what our products do. Primarily they affect water in way not acknowledged or understood by the mainstream water industry.

Our products structure and energize water which is to say we create water which is structured rather unstructured and energized rather than de-energized and the benefits of these attributes are realized most evidently in animals and plants as is seen on our website.

As for human health and residential issues, we work on water in manner ignored by the mainstream water industry. The mainstream industry primarily but not always, uses chemicals and synthetic materials to fix water problems. These materials do work to cleanse water of toxins and particulates with some working not so well and others doing a better job.  Yet in doing so, oftentimes, the water still retains some degree of toxicity, takes on new toxicity or/and insufficiency of health enhancing minerals.

My premise is that man cannot outdo nature or even equal nature’s effect on water unless we are mimicking nature and that is what all our products are all about. The problem with synthetic materials is that the scientists that create them typically don’t take into account the detrimental energetic effects their lab created materials will have on water.

If you’ve perused my website, you would see I’ve actually completely purified green, scummy, human waste contaminated lake water from downtown Bangalore, India, using only a water structuring unit continuously flowing water through it for two weeks.  The water was tested and confirmed pure and I drank it with no side effects or unpleasant taste.

So, can our units completely completely purify water by breaking down organic matter to an elementally safe composition? Absolutely, but not when installed into mainstream water systems where water can only flow through it once. Yet in saying that, with one flow through, we’ve seen absolutely amazing results time after time as evidenced by the agriculture reports on our website.

Regarding excess minerals or salts in water, it is important to understand that these are natural occurring elements found in all groundwater.  The problem is that we are sucking  water out of the ground with straight pipes and pumps rather than allowing the water to levitate to the surface into open wells.

Because the water is not passing through rock strata, it isn’t naturally filtered which results in elementally unbalanced water contributing to scaling, odors, discoloration and other issues.

Structuring and energizing water does have a positive impact on some of these issues, either eliminating them or diminishing them but to fully address these fore-mentioned issues will require physical filtration which mimics nature and that is precisely why we created our newest water product.

The Hydro Energizer was created to address this vital component of natural physical filtration by adding 100% natural materials to the structuring and energizing unit through which water can pass to eliminate or reduce toxins, chemicals, heavy metals and particulates larger than five microns.

The Hydro Energizer is not a cure all but it will definitely improve water supplied by the typical city water utility and for wells that don’t exhibit visible iron, manganese and hardness issues.

The nice aspect of our newest water product is that we will be able to add components to it to address the more serious issues that the Hydro Energizer isn’t able to fix such as excessive iron, manganese, hardness and low pH.  We are excited about the ways in which we will be able to assist our customers in fixing your water concerns and providing you with truly health enhancing water that can make a difference in your life and the lives of your family members, co-workers and animals and crops.

We have continually been improving our product designs since 2010 and have also gone through various product name changes. We no longer use the name, Hydro Energiser, when referring to our products.