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Understanding Water Filtration: British Berkefeld Ultra Fluoride Filters


Understanding Water Filtration: British Berkefeld Ultra-Fluoride Filters

Author: Zach Greenfield


In the realm of water filtration, discerning consumers seek products that excel in both performance and uphold the highest safety and ethical standards. At Greenfield Water, we offer a variety of filtration solutions, with British Berkefeld Ultra Fluoride filters being a standout for their exceptional qualities. This article explores the details of these filters, contrasts them with alternatives like Berkey filters, and highlights the importance of making informed choices based on comprehensive research and understanding.

British Berkefeld Ultra Fluoride Filters: A Benchmark in Water Filtration

Rigorous Certifications and Testing

British Berkefeld Ultra Fluoride filters are renowned for their extensive testing and certifications, including various NSF certifications. These certifications symbolize a commitment to quality and safety, verified by NSF International. It’s crucial to note that while Doulton and British Berkefeld are well-known for their testing and certifications, the British Berkefeld Ultra Fluoride model specifically is not yet NSF certified. This is because no fluoride reduction element can gain such certification beyond materials and components. However, the Ultra Sterasyl model is fully NSF/ANSI certified to std 42, 53 and 372, demonstrating compliance with stringent safety and quality standards (The Ultra-Sterasyl is the best option for customers without Fluoride issues).

Testing Beyond Industry Standards

Doulton sets a high standard in testing. Filters are tested to twice their marketed lifespan, which is the true NSF/ANSI protocol, ensuring their performance and reliability. For instance, a filter advertised for 400 gallons will be rigorously tested for 800 gallons, ensuring accurate NSF/ANSI testing standards. This level of scrutiny in testing is essential in an industry where many competitors claim extended lifespans without the necessary data to support such claims therefore not to the true NSF/ANSI protocol.

Superior Design and Material Quality

These filters, containing high-quality NSF approved Activated Alumina (AA), are positioned upright in the dirty water chamber, completely eliminating the risk of AA leaching into the clean water due to British Berkefeld’s encapsulated fast flow carbon block at the heart of the filter element removing any media that is still in the water. This unique design feature starkly contrasts with systems like Berkey, where filters in the clean water chamber pose a risk of leaching.

All of Doulton’s filters are crafted from robust ceramic materials, enhancing both durability and filtration purity. This material choice prevents micro bacteria from entering the filter due to the small pore sizes, a more effective solution than competitors who rely on silver for a bacterial claim.

Addressing Ethical and Practical Concerns

The Bone Char Issue

Bone char’s initial effectiveness in fluoride removal dramatically decreases after processing only about 100 liters of water. This rapid decline necessitates frequent replacements, making bone char an impractical and costly option for long-term use. Many companies using bone char do not disclose its use, potentially misleading consumers, particularly those with vegan lifestyles or ethical concerns regarding animal byproducts.

Conclusion: Making an Informed Choice

Choosing a water filtration system involves considering not only immediate performance but also long-term reliability, safety, and ethical implications. British Berkefeld Ultra Fluoride filters, available at Greenfield Water, embody these attributes. We are committed to offering products that are not only effective but also responsibly made and thoroughly tested.

Empowering Consumers with Information

Our role at Greenfield Water extends beyond selling filters. We aim to empower our customers with comprehensive information, encouraging them to scrutinize testing data, certifications, and manufacturing practices. An informed choice is a wise choice, and we believe in guiding our customers towards decisions that are beneficial for them and ethically sound.

  • Advanced Filtration Technology: Ensuring the highest quality of water purification.
  • Complete Safety from AA Leaching: Thanks to the unique design that completely eliminates the risk.
  • Ethical and Safe Materials: Free from animal byproducts, designed for maximum filtration efficacy and safety.
  • Rigorous Testing and Certification: Providing confidence in the filter’s performance and longevity.

In Conclusion

The right water filter impacts more than just the taste and quality of your water; it influences your health and aligns with your ethical values. At Greenfield Water, we take pride in offering British Berkefeld Ultra Fluoride filters, a product that resonates with our commitment to quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. We invite you to discover the benefits of these filters and make a choice that is informed, responsible, and in your best interest.
Remember, informed decisions are powerful, especially when it comes to products that have a daily impact on your life. Trust in the comprehensive testing, ethical manufacturing, and superior performance of British Berkefeld Ultra Fluoride filters, available through Greenfield Water. Together, let’s make choices that contribute to a healthier, more informed, and ethically responsible world.