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How Does Water Become Structured?

There are two primary components harmoniously at work in nature to create structured water or water that is in its natural and mature state being beneficial for health and vitality.  The two components are vortex motion and energy. The synergetic interaction of these two components are the catalyst for all life and activity on earth and the universe that surrounds us.

When vortex actions and energy are in harmony with one another, the end result is a peaceful environment, (internally and externally), with an abundance of life enhancing nutrients free of excess contaminants.

Structured Water Is Almost Extinct!

Modern science and technology have dismally failed at creating an environment as defined above. The practices and principles embraced by modern science and technology are working an opposite effect, increasingly altering, corrupting and mal-aligning anything and everything natural, resulting in ever increasing pollution of land, sea and air, food, water, medicine, body, mind and soul of every person on earth.

Modern science has trained society as a whole to identify anything contrary to their corrupted practices as pseudoscience and buffoonery.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission and vision and Greenfield Water Solutions is to create water enhancement products that mimic nature and thus contribute to the vitality and productivity of plants, animals and people.

Structure Is Essential To Life!

It isn’t letters of the alphabet themselves that have power or influence, it is how letters of the alphabet are constructed that matters most. Structure is the driving force, the letters are simply building blocks.  The building blocks are worthless unless they are used to build a structure and the purpose of the structure is determined by the builder. To explain from another perspective, molecules are like letters in that it is the way in which they are structured that determines what they do. Graphite and diamonds are made of the same molecules, only structured differently. One is extremely hard, valuable and beautiful and the other is soft, gray and not so valuable. Another example: the letters d, g, o can be structured to spell what? God or dog. Same letters but different construction. In other words, it isn’t the chemical components that matter, it is the structure that is of utmost importance.

Back to water. Water is the most unique substance in creation, in that the building blocks or molecules of water can be structured into a unlimited number of variations. Water structures itself based on its environment and reacts to sound, thought, light, frequencies and all matter within its domain of influence.  Its structure is an exact representation of its environment, the seen and the unseen, the emotions, the thoughts and all energies and elements to which it has been exposed. Auto self-construction and mimicry is an amazing attribute of water.

Water is acted upon by its environment. Water, like a humble servant accepts whatever it is given regardless of its composition, structure or concentration.  When water enters a life form it is acted upon by the life form. As a servant, water responds to whatever is requested of it. As with all energies and forms of matter taken up by life forms, they are acted upon by the life form and the life form determines to what degree energy or information can be used. If the water contains toxins, it is because the water is simply reflecting the environment with which it has mingled which is a manifestation of actions upon that environment by God or man. Water is like a fluid information system and it holds all that information within its liquid crystalline structure.

Let’s Get Philosophical!

Our 26 letter alphabet was created as a means by which to hold and convey information and the information that can be created from those 26 letters is infinite. Our alphabet is simply an information storage system, just as the mind of man is an information storage system. Energy exists perpetually within information. Information is contained in the particular form necessary to convey its meaning and the energy level of that information is determined by the strength of the conceptualized thoughts.

Therefore every sentence, paragraph, chapter or book contain energy whose quality and power is determined by structure of the letters which is a direct result of the writers intent. Form and structure determine function and purpose which is manifest through energy and frequency, all of which is a determination of intent by God or man. Degree, force, power or level of energy is a consequence of function as determined by God or man.

When a formation is created whether it be a word, a sentence, a symbol or a chemical compound, the significance of the formation and the energy level of the formation is ultimately determined by validity and intent of the creator of the formation. The most powerful builder of information is God. Consequently, his formations will always manifest integrity and energy and if we mimic His formations, these also will exhibit integrity.  If we build or create something not in line with God ordained natural principles, it will be reflected in the degree of strength, integrity and quality of energy of the structure or formation.

Water Is A Biological Computer!

Water is the perfect universal communication system. It will absorb and accept any thought, language or concept and store it for later retrieval. Water is the computer system used by nature to run all life support systems.  Water is a dynamic information container, carrier and transmitter. As water runs it course or pathway, it is continually involved in an information exchange within whatever environment it fills or mingles with. Depending on its location determines which information is being released and which information is being picked up.

Whatever Happened To ‘NI’, Natural Intelligence?

The release of information is at all times for the purpose of feeding or cleaning. The uptake of information is also at all times for the purpose of feeding or cleaning. Water has been programed to know what to release and when to release it. Water has been programed to know what to collect and when to collect it. Water can read any kind of information within its domain of influence. Water can read sound, thoughts, light and other emf and vibrations within its energetic domain. Water can also receive, hold and transport any and all elements within its physical domain.

Just as a person can pick up and carry anything within its physical domain and a person can also pick up and hold within its brain anything within its energetic domain such as voice, light, sound, vibration, etc… Water can also be used for corrupt, ill or misguided intent. It is programmed to reflect the intent of the controller whether it be for good or ill intent but regardless of being corrupted, water always seeks for renewal, rejuvenation, cleansing and feeding and in spite of whatever degree to which it has been polluted, it will always seek corrective measures to return to its original state of energized purity.

I Believe In All Things, Visible and Invisible

What is energy? Depending on the kind of energy it is, we may or may not be able to, feel it, touch it, see it, hear it.  Energy from the sun can felt and seen in its raw form but with adjunct devices, we can also transform that energy to be experienced in others ways such as creating electricity. In the same way, the body will also convert  solar energy for multiple cellular functions as well a plant through photosynthesis and although the science community doesn’t acknowledge it, the human body is capable of photosynthesis that goes beyond the principle known as plant photosynthesis.

We can also experience energetic influences through mediums such as a cell phones, radios,  TV, copper wires, or any electrical device. These are all man controlled, energy harnessing events. Man can create nothing that has not already been manifest in nature. Man can corrupt or restructure form and energy but we can’t create form or energy from nothing.  Electricity is the manifestation of harnessing of matter and energy for the purpose of completing tasks that require energy. All tasks, actions and movements require energy. The fields of energy manifested by electrons and protons, the spinning and spiraling motions of water and air and all movement in the universe are tasks which require energy and where does that energy come from?  What is the source? Is there any such thing as a perpetual motion machine? Of course there is. Look at the motion of spinning and spiraling in the solar system and at the micro level, consider the similar activity of atoms. Creation is manifest by perpetual motion and the energy for the perpetual motion comes from God, who is everywhere present filling all things. The electromagnetic energies that fill the universe are able to move about through the universe because of aether which fills what we today call space. Space isn’t empty, it is filled with ethereal energy and form which the entire universe utilizes in order to function.

Water’s Mission

So, we can conclude that water is in a continual interchange with its environment, collecting energy, containing energy, carrying energy and releasing energy. The purpose of water is to use its pre-programmed, ‘NI’, natural intelligence, to absorb information and release information in a manner which is beneficial to all life forms.

The hydrological cycle is designed as the means by which water can carry out it functions of releasing, cleaning, correcting and accepting information for the purpose of maintaining life enhancing form or structure (information) on the earth.   The primary purpose of water is to participate in the daily cycle of life support for activities within our ecosystem and the universe above.

Modern Water Treatments Don’t Address The Invisible

An ion exchange water softener is designed to complete one task. What is that task? To remove calcium and magnesium from water. Why? Science tells us that when magnesium and calcium are removed from the water, we will no longer have a problem with minerals clogging pipes or heating elements and nozzles or coating ceramics or glass or anything else it touches.  Does removing these particular minerals fix the problem? Yes it does, but it also creates other problems. #1 Problem: Excess harmful salts released into the soil. #2 Problem, (more serious) Calcium and magnesium are no longer available to be carried into the body by water which is the most effective process by which to feed our bodies life enhancing and crucially important minerals. Lastly, a softener doesn’t deal with issues such as chlorine and fluoride or any of the other thousands of other chemicals that may be present in the water as it passes through the tank of synthetic resins.

Carbon filter technology is most effective at removing all kinds of toxic particulates and chemicals.  So what’s wrong with a carbon filter? Don’t they remove some baddies like chlorine and chloramines? Yes, indeed, carbon filters are an excellent means by which to remove toxic molecules (remembering that a molecule is essentially a container of information) but a carbon filter can’t remove the chlorine information that was imparted to the water before it physical removal.  Here’s an example. Envision that your boss has just scolded you for neglecting a task. Even though he may then remove himself from your presence, the effects of his presence will stay with you and that which stays with you is his ethereal or non-material presence in the form of information which in and of itself is powerful enough to effect a change in your behavior. Additionally, the quality of the information imparted to you will in turn affect your response. If your boss spoke to you in a mean, vindictive manner filled with lies (distorted or scrambled information), then you are going to be de-energized, discouraged or perhaps angry and the degree of his effects upon your psyche will typically be determined by the degree of the forcefulness of his delivery.  Yet, if the information he imparts to you is accurate but imparted in a hateful manner, it will have a mixed effect in that you will be discouraged by his manners and hopefully repentant regarding the truth imparted. As is made obvious by this example, the aspect of information transfer whether between people or between molecules and water can be a complicated process with many variables.

The Mystery And Awe Of Creation

Water is a perfect reflection and container of all that it mingles with as it progresses through the hydrological cycle and everything in creation can be considered to be information in various forms which reflect their purpose in the grand order of creation. Ultimately, information has its origins in the mind of God whose thoughts resulted in actions and these actions are continually manifested to us in life as we experience it.  An elephant was originally just a thought in the mind of God and then He willed the thought to be and that thought manifested itself in the material form of an elephant and the power of God’s thought continues to be manifest in generation after generation of elephants.

The material world is a manifestation of God’s thoughts. Everything we experience is a manifestation of what was in God’s mind and then spoken resulting in the reality that has been perpetuated since He first spoke it. Considering that we are made in the image of God, we are literally like little gods, in that we create the world we live in daily living out  our thoughts which become our reality in the way of our behavior and interactions with every aspect of our world. For instance, we think a thought which is a instantaneous creation which may last for a millisecond and disappear or perhaps it may become a physical reality manifest through our collection and forming of materials of the earth into the form of a hammer or spear or computer that was originally conceived in our minds as an transformation of various kinds of energies into a thought which combined with another thought which eventually culminated into an idea that became a form in space or information in a material or physical form.

Water Is An Awesome And Mysterious Substance!

Water is a perfect reflection and container of man’s behavior in a literal sense in that it will absorb the energetic qualities of those who are within its energetic field of influence and it will carry these energies perhaps more appropriately called information packets into whatever medium it is directed which is completely dependent on outside forces such as rivers, streams, pipes and pumps all of which reflect the cooperative or not so cooperative efforts of man (little god) and God (as in big God). Water reacts as it was pre-programmed to react. Therefore it has fixed qualities and attributes that have never changed over the milleniums.

Water is unchangeable in a myriad of ways, some of which are fixed (with wiggle room), parameters of temperatures at which it freezes, turns to steam and then back to a liquid. Water has certain measurable solubilizing qualities and measurable parameters of absorption of various particulates. It is also in the realm of the more mysterious and amazing, that water is able to store within its molecular structure a recording of every aspect of its environment as it experiences it, storing it in anticipation of its future journey into an environment where the stored information can be released for the express purpose of enhancing the environment. Water under ideal conditions will journey through the hydrological cycle receiving beneficial information at every opportunity while dumping toxic information at appropriate dump sites while also unscrambling toxic and or chaotic information making it readable in a life enhancing manner.

Information Defined

At this point it would be beneficial to further discuss the concept of ‘information’. The word ‘information’ contains two words, ‘in’ and ‘form’ or ‘formation’.  We could thus say that information is form in space. It is the passing of knowledge from one place to another such as from the mind of God or man into the space of anything from writing on a piece of paper to the creation of an actual form that reflects that form that was in the mind of the conceiver of the thought.  Constructive thought exists because it takes a form that has integrity ultimately based on truth. Deconstructive thought exists because it takes a form that is not stable or founded on truth. Every thought of the mind must take form to become information and that information may be true or false or a mixture of the two.

Thought is predecessor of form and as form takes shape within the mind, it can remain in the mind or it can be embraced by the heart at which time it can then be defined as information for it has now experienced an impartation. It is at this point that the mind and the heart will work together to determine what should now be done with the information that has thus been embraced to some degree by a mutual working of the heart and mind of the individual who created it. There is nothing new under the sun, so whatever information it is that was created cannot be new in the sense that it will always reflect a principle or concept that is already at work in the world.  Considering that we are made in the image of God, we can create as God creates but on a small scale which can only mimic what He has created but consideration must also be made for our propensity to mimic the corruption brought into the world by the evil one. Nevertheless, all that we mimic ultimately comes from the mind of God and it is a matter of awareness as to whether or not we are creating something beneficial or detrimental for ourselves and others.

The Principle Of Vortex

In Implosion technology, two types of motion are combined i.e. simultaneously taking place: – Centrifugation: which gives pressure, friction, temperature rise and biological deterioration. – Centripetence: giving suction, temperature drop and biological improvement.  The working mechanism: the double cycloid spiral curve (as in a vortex) concentrates , contracts and compacts the water. This contraction cools and this cooling creates a vacuum. This vacuum augments suction, the whole process generates a diamagnetic force. Compacting physical matter to point beyond which it “dissolves” into its energetic form and allowing it to return into the physical, can be achieved artificially or mechanically. Important is: 1. the combination of the centrifugal and centripetal movement, 2. the equatorial alignment of particles (diamagnetism), 3. the negative electric ionic charge and the negative pressure. A gradual or sudden concentration of liquids or gasses produces a negative pressure and through this implosion. Renown scientist and naturalist, Viktor Shauberger explains these processes in detail in his book, “Comprehend and Copy Nature”.

Frequency / Waveform / Information

Frequencies, waveforms and information are a manifestation of energy and are the foundation for many modern technologies as well as ancient technologies…

  • Cellphones
  • Television
  • Internet
  • Radar
  • Wireless remote controls
  • Microwaves
  • Radio
  • Musical instruments
  • Solar power

The various energies of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum are harnessed and utilized by the receivers and transmitters of information, frequency and waveforms.  Something visible, audible or sensible is communicated through the atmosphere from point A to point B. At each point it becomes visible but it is not sensed per say in between each point.  Water also acts as a receiver and a transmitter of information, energy and waveform. It can pick up from tangible items, intangible energies or information and carry it to another source where it is then received and made usable.

Cosmic Energies

Cosmic and solar energies participate in creating food for plant life, vitamin D production, cloud formation and energy absorption by water. Did you know that solar radiation from the sun can purify (disinfect) water and make it safe for drinking from harmful bacteria?

While so often we hear or read (false information), about the bad things that the sun is capable of doing to us, we also know that solar energy can be harnessed for doing good. A few common, typical examples include solar electric panels, solar hot water panels, and solar ovens.

Here is one more good example. Harnessing the solar energy from the sun to purify (disinfect) water from a lake or stream into safe drinking water. It is much simpler than you may think. Here’s how…

UV-A rays from the sun, (Ultraviolet-A, longwave, 315-400 nm), will terminate harmful bacteria, parasites, and viruses in water, given enough sun exposure.

A clear bottle filled with water, exposed to the sun for 6 hours will make the water safe to drink (see the caveat list). In fact, the effectiveness of terminating  harmful bacteria is an amazing 5-Nines, that is, 99.999 percent!


  • Bacteria – Escherichia coli
  • Bacteria – Vibrio cholera
  • Bacteria – Salmonella
  • Bacteria – Shigella flexneri
  • Bacteria – Campylobacter jejuni
  • Bacteria – Yersinia enterocolitica
  • Virus – Rotavirus
  • Parasites – Giardia
  • Parasites – Cryptosporidium (needs 10 hours exposure)

Did you know that all natural frequencies of the EMF spectrum are beneficial for healing?

Solar Radiation Benefits (natural EMF frequencies)

  • Healthier skin
  • Increased resistance against infection
  • Natural antiseptic
  • Kills viruses, bacteria, molds, yeasts, fungi and mites.
  • tanned.
  • Clears up acne, boils, athlete’s foot, diaper rash, psoriasis,
  • eczema.
  • Stimulates appetite and improves digestion, elimination, and metabolism.
  • Enhances immune system.
  • Increases the number of white blood cells.
  • Encourages healthy circulation.
  • Stimulates production of red blood cells which increases the amount of oxygen in your blood.
  • Sunlight is one of the most effective healing agents that exists.
  • Soothes nerves and boosts mood, creating a renewed sense of well-being. Sunlight increases the production of endorphins and serotonin in the brain.
  • Getting enough sunlight during the day enhances sleep. It will increase your melatonin output at night. Melatonin is a natural hormone made by our bodies. It enhances sleep and slows down the aging process.
  • The healing properties of the sun are excellent for people who are suffering from various diseases and ailments.
  • Sunlight helps to balance hormones. It may even help to relieve certain symptoms of PMS.
  • Sunlight improves liver function and helps it to break down toxins and wastes that could lead to cancer and other diseases.
  • May help lower your pain levels of swollen, arthritic joints.
  • Sunlight is an effective treatment for jaundice.
  • Exposure to the sun may decrease risk of breast, colon, and prostate cancers.
  • Sunlight also converts a form of cholesterol that is present in skin into vitamin D. This results in lower blood cholesterol levels. Click here to read more about the benefits of vitamin D.
  • Sunlight provides energy to the organs, strengthens and revitalizes the body.
  • Sunlight exposure prevents heart disease by strengthening of cardiovascular system
  • Sunlight exposure prevents various kinds of cancers like prostate and breast cancer; tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroiditis, Crohn’s disease; tuberculosis; normalizing blood pressure in hypertension and normalizing blood sugar in type 2 diabetes; prevents anxiety and depression; improves digestion; aids in weight loss; enhances liver function; ensures proper functioning of kidneys by eliminating waste.
  • Pregnant women benefit from sun exposure to create vitamin D. Why? To protect them from the deadly condition known as preeclampsia, a serious condition of pregnancy characterized by soaring blood pressure and swelling of the hands and feet. Preeclampsia causes premature delivery, maternal and fetal illness and death. In 2007, medical science found out that vitamin D deficiency is one of the common causes of preeclampsia.

“Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun.” Ecclesiastes 11:7

Sound Energy

Sound is the basis for creation. The energy of sound coming from the mouth of God created the heavens and the earth and all life above, below and on the earth. Sound is used as a healing modality.

Ultrasound Waves – Did you know that plants and animals communicate by and respond to ultrasound? Ultrasound is also used enhance pain control, soft tissue injuries and fracture healing.

Microwave/Radio/Xray – Affect cloud formations and weather in general.

Alpha/Gamma/Beta – Preserve, protect and enhance cell functions in all life forms and correct cellular malfunction.

All EMF is absorbed by water and has an influence upon water. Natural EMF is beneficial while unnatural EMF is detrimental.

To be continued…

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