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Why Should I Mineralize My Water?


Our mineralizer and filtering cartridges are comprised of zeolite, carbon and magnesium mineral balls They are sized to fit any type of traditional filter cartridge system. These cartridges are assembled in-house and are an excellent choice for whole house and undersink use if you need to introduce life enhancing elements back into your water which have been removed by a salt based water softener or a reverse osmosis filter.


Coconut Carbon


Magnesium Ceramic Balls are formulated with multi-functional health ceramic materials to naturally enhance and revitalize water. The balls boost essential minerals of calcium and magnesium.

How important is magnesium in your water?

Coconut Carbon Balls:

  1. Remove chlorine, chloramines, objectionable tastes and odors
  2. Reduces hydrogen sulfide and other organic contaminants
  3. Removes chemicals

Zeolite is a naturally occurring negatively charged volcanic ash with superb filtering attributes. Zeolite not only will filter a broad range of contaminants but will also enhance water with beneficial elements.

  1. Heavy metals, nitrates, chlorine, chloramines
  2. Filters particulates down to 5 microns
  3. Improves taste of water
  4. Inhibit microbe breeding