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The Copper Handheld Vortexer coupled with our Copper Harmonizer is the perfect gift for friends, family, or yourself.

Our Copper Handheld Vortexer is a portable option for structuring your water at your sink or on the go. It exhibits antibacterial properties and superior energy transfer and is mostly made of materials that have been with us since antiquity.

The Copper Handheld Vortexer is comprised of copper, glass, stainless steel and our proprietary blend of minerals imbedded in food grade silicone for optimal energization.

Simply pour water, or beverage of your choice, into the device and it is immediately structured and energised as it comes out the other side.   Improves the taste, energetics and hydration of any beverage.

This promotion includes a Harmonizer (click to learn more). The Harmonizer is a sealed copper cartridge containing quartzes, tourmaline, shungite, zeolite, bentonite, selenite, rare earth minerals and sea minerals that represent virtually all elements of the periodic table, immersed in spring water.  Users report increased energy, a calming effect, improved sleep and pain relief.