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Handheld Water Vortexer


(17 customer reviews)

Introducing our Copper Handheld Vortexer, the portable solution for structuring and revitalizing water in a variety of settings:

1. At your sink
2. In or out of your gravity-fed filter
3. With bottled water
4. While you’re on the go

Even your pets and plants will thrive on the benefits of structured and energized water!

Crafted from a blend of copper, glass, stainless steel, and our exclusive mix of all 92 naturally occurring elements from the periodic table, this device not only enhances the water’s taste and feel but also elevates hydration for people, plants, and animals.

Tip: To prevent copper leaching, simply add a pinch of mineralized salt or trace mineral drops to distilled water before passing it through the Handheld Vortexer.

Structured Water Benefits for Your Home:

– Amplifies filtering media efficiency and capacity.
– Clears away biofilm accumulation in your home plumbing system.
– Boosts water heater performance by improving heating capacity.
– Enhances the fermentation process for your recipes.
– Elevates the flavor of food, beverages, and water.
– Facilitates nutrient absorption for plants, humans, and animals.
– Promotes healthier skin and hair.
– Reduces sludge in septic systems.
– Transforms landscapes and lawns into drought-resistant, lush paradises.
– Cuts chlorine usage for spas and pools by up to 30%.
– Requires less soap and detergent for washing.
– Eradicates bathroom mold.
– Improves hydration, leading to reduced water consumption for people, plants, and animals.

Also consider incorporating a Harmonizer into your gravity-fed water filter reservoir. What is a Harmonizer?

Discover the transformative power of structured water with our Copper Handheld Vortexer and Harmonizer!


Discover the Handheld Vortexer, an affordable solution for water structuring at your convenience, whether at the sink or while you’re on the move. This innovative device integrates the identical water vortexing tube found in our acclaimed whole-house and under-the-counter product range.

Inside the flow tube, you’ll find a series of glass balls meticulously arranged in triangular patterns to ensure the most effective vortexing action. Additionally, our copper Harmonizer cartridge, seamlessly built into the vortexer, leverages cutting-edge resonance technology to invigorate the water, greatly enhancing its beneficial properties.


One of our customers accidently dropped the Copper Handheld from a second story window onto the concrete patio below and the only damage was a dent in the copper housing. The glass balls inside remained intact without cracking.  (As a safety precaution silicone balls are incorporated into the housing as shock absorbers to protect against glass breakage).

We know that nature uses three processes to purify and rejuvenate water and these processes are vortexing, emf and rock strata. Filtration by natural media will physically remove contaminants from water while vortexing and emf will correct corruption of elemental compounds bringing them back to their elemental state thus rendering them harmless. Once water is structured it also has the capacity to sequester toxins deemed harmful to the body such as excess mercury or lead. To what extent it does this will vary with water quality. We have found by vortexing water, the unpleasant effects of chlorine are mitigated. Customers who were allergic to chlorine report immediate improvements after showering in structured water and the chlorine odor is also minimized. So to conclude, to ensure that water is in a state most beneficial for the human body will require all three processes and I believe in order of importance they are vortexing, emf exposure and physical filtration by natural media.

A great companion to the Handheld Vortexer is the Harmonizer Cartridge, which can be taped to the water line under your sink.  This sealed cartridge contains a broad array of minerals and natural elements that energize water with health enhancing natural EMF’s (electrical magnetic frequencies) that are picked up by the water as it flows by the cartridge. No physical contact with water is necessary for these energies to pass information into water. It will additional energies to water not available from the Handheld.

Cleaning: Rinse after every use, and clean as needed. To clean, use a 1:1 vinegar (or 3% hydrogen peroxide) and water solution, submerge the handheld device in cleaning solution and rotate to ensure the entire device has been saturated before thoroughly rinsing with running water. The vortexer should be cleaned on a regular basis especially when vortexing milk, juice or wine. Do not soak the copper device in the cleaning solution for longer than a few moments as metal leeching could occur. 

Copper possesses many health benefits. (more than are shown in this infographic). So long as the water being treated is not acidic, it shouldn’t be an issue.


How Does The Handheld Vortexer Enhance Water?

The Handheld Vortexer creates life enhancing water by bringing life force energies back into water using the principles of vortexing and energy transfer.

Your body requires structured and energized water in order to thrive and if the water entering your body isn’t structured, your body has to expend energy structuring water before it can be used for intracellular and extracellular activities. That’s why users will tell us they have more energy after drinking structured water.

Read more about how the Handheld Vortexer works >>


Frequencies are a manifestation of waveform and they convey information. Voice and music frequencies convey information wirelessly. Digital signals convey information wirelessly. All material forms possess a frequency signature or signatures by which they communicate with everything else in creation. Understanding this principle is crucial to understanding how nature works and when we respect this principle, we are able to create products that are harmonious with nature but when we are ignorant of this principle, we end up creating disharmony.

For instance, nuclear physicists and engineers are very smart people and they are able to extract amazing quantities of energy from rocks but unfortunately they accomplish this task in a manner that isn’t respectful or congruent with nature. The end result being that they create technologies and products wrought with dangers because of frequency corruption and the creation of malformation instead of harnessing information in its natural state.

There is a considerable body of evidence confirming that water collects, stores and transmits information much like a computer receives, stores and transmits information. Japanese author and researcher, Masaru Emoto, was a water researcher whose work with human consciousness, (which is essentially EMF energy), made him famous. He would freeze water which had been subjected to energetic stimuli such as rock music, classical music, kind words and harsh words to determine their effects on the crystalline structure of water.

We have begun to lay the groundwork for you establishing that all material forms emit energy and this energy can be described as electromagnetic in nature. Consequently, even our thoughts are electromagnetic in their composition and because of free will, we can cause our consciousness to emanate life enhancing energy or life depleting energy. What this means ultimately, is that each of us are electromagnetic generators, even mini power stations that are constantly sending out beneficial or detrimental energy based on our disposition and our grasp of truth. This puts a new perspective on how each of us can change not only ourselves but those around us including our environment by the power of speech, the power of prayer and by the power of the written word!

Consider this concept for a moment. The written word that resides on a sheet of paper or in digital form on your computer or cellphone screen contains the consciousness of a man in a static form until it is read. The act of reading is accomplished through electromagnetic energies forming a pathway through the eyes. As light energies reflect off or illumine the text on the page or screen, these energies reflect back through our eyes into our brain to be deciphered. Based on the principles of ‘form, frequency & function’, the brain in turn acts a repository or an energy sink from which the rest of body draws these energetic nuggets or bits as needed.

Now whether or not these energetic nuggets or bits are composed of gold or dung or something in between is determined by the collective formation of the posted text which defines its function and ultimately it’s frequency which may or may not be congruent with natural principles.

"The principle of, ‘form, frequency, function’ is the holy trinity of our physical being and the universe"

Describing a musical instrument, (without considering the musician), can give a clearer picture of how this process works. Consider the function of a violin which is to emanate beautiful sound using properly configured wood and strings. The form of the wood and strings of the violin in turn will determine the quality of the frequency emanating from the violin which in turn will inspire the heart, causing one to cringe or to be inspired or something in between.

Ultimately, the frequency emanation or transmission of an object or material form contains the information which is gleaned by our cells as a source of energy for proper cellular functioning and our water molecules in their multitude of configurations and densities is the receiver, repository and transmitter of all information.

17 reviews for Handheld Water Vortexer

  1. Kerstin, Denver, Colorado (store manager)

    “What I have noticed is that drinking your water is more hydrating than regular water. Regular water makes me have to pee much more, so less moisture is retained. Another thing I noticed is that my arthritic thumb benefited from your water.”

  2. Mark, Spokane Valley (store manager)

    I have to say that water has never tasted so good.  It’s pretty amazing. 
    I started using structured / energized water to make coffee in the morning.  My wife had actually stated that she lost her taste for coffee in the morning.  We use a Kona blend, whole bean and grind it ourselves so it’s really good coffee.
    Well long story short, she didn’t know I structured and energized the water and she had a cup a few morning ago.  Her reaction was “Wow, this tastes really good.”  I told her what I was doing and that’s when she said that she actually had lost her taste for coffee and she was amazed at how much better it tasted.  She thought I switched coffees or something.
    Our dogs seems to be going through less water as well.  We have 3 dogs and constantly are filling a very large dish with water.  Since I started structuring and energizing their water it seems we are filling it less.

  3. Daniel H. (store manager)

    “I had my family do a blind taste test and they all said the one that was treated with the handheld tasted better. I typically drink about 1.5 gallons of water a day and noticed that the water doesn’t make me feel bloated.” Daniel H.

  4. Jarred M. (store manager)

    “The Handheld Harmonizer has been an amazing part of our life and I can always tell a difference in how well I’m hydrated when I use it. It’s something we never leave home without and use every day. Thank you for what you do and we look forward to whatever comes next.”

  5. Daniel H. (store manager)

    Daniel Holifield

    We bought the handheld vortexer and a pack of three harmonizers. We have good well water but have noticed a difference in our water since we started using these devices. I had my family do a blind taste test just to make sure it wasn’t placebo, but they all said that the water that was treated tasted better. Since I drink at least 1.5ga per day, I noticed that the water doesn’t seem to upset my belly or make me feel bloated. Regarding just the harmonizers, I have one by my water line, one in the fridge and we have been sleeping with one. My sleep score has went up according to my fitbit when I have the harmonizer next to me. I typically wake up 3-4 times per night but have not since using the product.

  6. Kevin Strickland (store manager)

    Tested water out of my Berky – water is smoother and taste even better than before. ( we have good well water as a start)
    Also tried it with some organic wine – flavor is boosted and more fruity.

  7. Julie (store manager)

    I purchased the Vortexer and the Copper Harmonizer Cartridges 3 weeks ago and am very happy with the benefits so far.

    The produce in my fridge are staying much fresher for much longer. Even though there is only two of us in the household, I tend to buy a lot of fruits and vegetables for variety but end up throwing out quite a bit due to spoilage. Having the Harmonizer in the crisper has been a huge cost savings on the grocery bill. Figuring that it has a positive effect on water, I also placed one among my face creams with surprising results. I have sensitive skin and usually will feel a slight burning sensation after applying quality moisturizers/sunscreens meant for sensitive skin. The very next day there was no burning and still there’s no burning after a couple of weeks of retrying a number of creams that previously gave me issues and was going to be throw out. Another cost savings!

    I’ve been using the Vortexer for all drinking and cooking water. Though I can’t say that I have personally noticed a difference since I’m in very good health, my plants are showing me the benefits. After watering my plants with the structured water, I noticed that they are “perky” with less fallen leaves. Love it! I’m buying more to put all around the house and into our salt water pool to mitigate the chemicals that are added to it by our pool company.

  8. John A. (verified owner)

    I picked up the Copper Handheld Vortexer with the harmonizer cartridge and it’s a great duo.

    I’ve taken a few baths with water I ran through the water vortexer, and I notice that I’m so relaxed, all I can do is take a nap afterwards. If I were to put the most vicious junkyard guard dog in that bath, he’d come out wagging tail and all, and fall asleep like a new puppy, snoring loudly on his side. I’ve never felt this loosened up before, even after spending a lot of time in saunas. Water tastes better and is easier to drink it if you happen to live in an area where water is treated and processed aggressively. It has a certain freshness I can’t put into words and makes a great cup of tea.

    I’ve kept the Harmonizer near by and there is a noticeable calm when ever I do, either out and about or just at home working at the computer. I also have a very restful sleep if it’s on the nightstand. The Vortexer and Harmonizer are both are made very well, and very simply, they could be something you pass along to your grandkids. They remind me of those wonderful older trucks and automobiles that used to be produced in the US. The sort that would last forever, as long as you took care of it. The Harmonizer and Vortexer are of the same vintage. Take are of them and they will take care of you!

  9. Deb (verified owner)

    Heavy duty and water tastes great!!

  10. Angela Leslee (verified owner)

    I love my handheld water vortexer. I love the ease with which I am now able to structure my water. I swear I can taste the difference.

  11. John (verified owner)

    Wowzer, amazing. Customer service is top notch as well. 11 out of 10.

  12. theresa curry (verified owner)

    This product is amazing for travel and the whole house filter and vortexer has changed my life and my health

  13. abanga (verified owner)

    I definitely notice the change of structure from the water once it passed through the structurer. I repeat this a couple of times to get the extra effect, but once does already sustain.😊

  14. shirley w. (verified owner)

    I am pleased with this handheld vortexer, once it finally arrived. It took 30 days, not 2 to 4 days, as stated in the shipping with DHL. . I will avoid any future shipping with DHL . I would be still waiting if not for many phone calls and emails, with DHL and finally contacted a Greenfield representative , who was very responsive and helpful. I may order more products in the future, but will not use DHL for the delivery.

  15. Kathryn (verified owner)

    Cannot use with distilled water :(. This should be clearly listed before purchasing

    • structured (store manager)

      Hello, thank you for your input! We’ve edited the listing to reflect the following information: This product can be used with distilled water, simply add a pinch of mineralized sea salt (or trace mineral drops) to the distilled water before passing through!

  16. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Quick and easy to use. Flow rate is much better than I thought it would be.

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love it. Have noticed many health benefits and love that this is lifetime guarantee and can take it anywhere!

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