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Greenfield Water Solutions Harmonizer Pendant – Handcrafted in America by Skilled Artisans


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The Greenfield Water Pendant is an artistic rendition of the Greenfield Water Solutions’ harmonizer technology. It is a marriage of beauty and practicality, of antiquity and tradition, of simplicity and creativity. It is both powerful and subtle. In lieu of a vortexer flow tube to move water, the pendant form will enhance the transfer of energy emitted from the pendant into your body. These energies will expend themselves in as much as they are able to clean, feed and protect every cell in your body.

Embedded within the harmonizer pendant are quartzes, tourmaline, shungite, zeolite, selenite, rare earth minerals, sea minerals, and Herkimer diamonds.

The creation of each element of the pendant is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail. From the intricate design to the precise craftsmanship, every aspect is thoughtfully executed by skilled artisans, each with their unique expertise. No detail is overlooked in the creation of this masterpiece, making it a true reflection of our dedication to excellence.

The leather cord is made in Italy, copper clasps and pendant are handmade in America.

Dimensions: Pendant: 50mm diameter. Cord: 30″

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Step Into The Vortex.

The harmonizer pendant activates the hidden energies of the visible world, infusing your body with a renewed sense of vitality and rejuvenation. As these energetic forces come to life, you'll feel your body begin to respond in beautiful and profound ways, as every cell is bathed in a cascade of invigorating energy. Allow the harmonizer pendant to guide you on a journey of discovery, as you unlock the secrets of the unseen world and experience the beauty of renewed vitality.

How Does It Work?



The Harmonizer pendant is skillfully, and mindfully crafted to tap into the natural electromagnetic energies that resonate within the elements and minerals it holds. 

Quartzes, tourmaline, shungite, zeolite, bentonite, selenite, rare earth minerals, and sea minerals unite within the pendant, while Herkimer diamonds add a deep blue sparkle to its splendor.

As a conduit of these energies, the pendant emits subtle vibrations that penetrate the body, nourishing, cleansing, and shielding every cell. 

The pendant’s subtle, but incredible power to enhance overall health and well-being is a true testament to the harmonious dance between nature and craftsmanship.

Life Is Motion And Wherever Motion Occurs, The Vortex Is Manifested




Vortices are abundant wherever water flows, drawing in the omnipresent beneficial energies and revitalizing everything in their path, visible or invisible.

From plants and animals to humans and the environment, vortices play a vital role in catalyzing the nourishment, cleansing, and protection of the biological terrain, permeating all living entities both above and below the ground.

With its perfect symmetry and harmony with the forces of nature, the pendant serves as a tangible embodiment of these life-giving vortices, constantly working to refresh, enliven, energize, and invigorate the wearer.

Proudly Designed And Crafted In America

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    Great Harmonizer! I wear it daily! Highly recommend.

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