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Our mineralizer and filtering cartridges are comprised of zeolite, carbon and magnesium mineral balls  They are sized to fit any type of traditional filter cartridge system.  These cartridges are assembled in-house and are an excellent choice for whole house and undersink use if you need to introduce life enhancing elements back into your water which have been removed by a salt based water softener or a reverse osmosis filter. (Cartridge image may vary)

Filters should be replaced yearly.



Our mineralizer cartridges contain a blend of zeolite, carbon and magnesium mineral balls.

Ceramic Mineral Balls structure, mineralize and filter your water. Your body requires structured water in order to thrive and if the water entering your body isn’t structured, your cells have to expend energy structuring water before it can be used for intracellular and extracellular activities. That’s why customers will tell us they have more energy after drinking structured water.

Ceramic mineral balls are formulated with elements and minerals to enhance and revitalize water creating natural ionized, mineralized, energized, structured water and filtered water.


Magnesium Ceramic Balls are formulated with multi-functional health ceramic materials to naturally enhance and revitalize water. The balls boost essential minerals of calcium and magnesium.

How important is magnesium in your water?


Zeolite is a naturally occurring negatively charged volcanic ash with superb filtering attributes. Zeolite not only will filter a broad range of contaminants but will also enhance water with beneficial elements.

  1. Heavy metals, nitrates, chlorine, chloramines
  2. Filters particulates down to 5 microns
  3. Improves taste of water
  4. Inhibit microbe breeding


  1. Remove chlorine, chloramines, objectionable tastes and odors
  2. Reduces hydrogen sulfide and other organic contaminants
  3. Removes chemicals
ceramic mineral balls
Coconut Carbon Balls

Depending on usage, mineralizer cartridges should be replaced bi-annually to annually.  

Looking for a Ceramic Mineral Ball Shower Head Filter?

Greenfield Water will soon be offering mineral ball showerheads, in the meantime they are available from this vendor on Amazon. 


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