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Countertop Structured Water Filter – New Design Coming Soon


(8 customer reviews)

This system has been temporarily discontinued. New, updated design coming soon, thank you for your patience!


Housing is made of stainless steel and requires no permanent modifications to the plumbing.

This system will enhance tap water as it is drawn from the existing faucet.

The unique Harmonizer cartridge is also provided with the Counter Top unit and can be placed beside it or next to the cold water line under the sink.


CeraMetix® is the most advanced ceramic filter available. CeraMetix contains a (diatomaceous earth) ceramic shell with our AquaMetix® core inside to offer the reduction of aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, chloramines, chlorine, cysts, fluoride, lead, mercury, nickel, radionuclides, silver, tri-halomethane, VOC’s and zinc in a single, revolutionary ceramic filter element. MADE IN THE USA

Filter Performance

The Cerametix® filter offers:



One of the chief benefits of the Cerametix filter is its capacity to remove the industrial version of fluoride from water. Fluoride occurs naturally in many water sources and is not harmful but the industrial version of fluoride infused into approximately 73% of American communities is an industrial pollutant which is also used an insecticide and pesticide.  The FDA, CDC and Water Quality Association of America refuse to acknowledge that the industrial version of fluoride is a poison. The majority of mainstream water treatment companies in America abide by the Water Quality Association stand that the industrial version of fluoride is healthy and necessary for children and adults thus few water companies will offer filtration for fluoride.

This unit will connect to all standard kitchen faucets. It will not fit pull out faucet sprayers.

Vortexor and Harmonizer never require replacement or maintenance. Replace Cerametix filter yearly.
The CounterTop system is ideal for an apartment or in situations where an inline installation isn’t possible.

Want to know what is in your water?   EWG’S TAP WATER Database or type in: “your city – water quality report” 

Dimension:   Base measures 4″ x 10″ x 13” tall


8 reviews for Countertop Structured Water Filter – New Design Coming Soon

  1. Jaclyn M (store manager)

    We bought the countertop unit and stuck the harmonizer on it as directed. We ALL (kids included) noticed we weren’t nearly as thirsty as when we drank distilled water or even alkaline. We STAY hydrated vs that feeling of being constantly thirsty! Even our dogs (whippets) are notorious for not being water drinkers and they love this water! After hearing the podcast I truly believe as we drink it, that like God… it heals, cleans, and protects.

  2. Joanna Wong (verified owner)

    I make green juice every other day and before purchasing this countertop filter, I was using tap water to wash the vegetables.

    Since using the structured filtered water to wash the vegetables, the green juice is most definitely sweeter than before. Moreover, the next day, the dreads at the bottom of the jar of leftover juice is much more palatable than previously. It could even be called sweet, whereas before it was quite bitter and hard to stomach.

  3. Jessica S. (verified owner)

    I am so pleased with my water filtration and structuring system. The water is amazing! I noticed a HUGE difference in my small vegetable garden after watering them with the water. And of course a huge difference in my Health! I love the easy on/off system. Customer service was absolutely amazing. I will be recommending Greenfield solutions to all my friends, family, and clients!

  4. Joseph Rende (verified owner)

    Your water filter is the only product I’ve ever purchased online where I tracked it’s journey to my doorstep everyday! It couldn’t arrive fast enough. I don’t know how this filter is not in everyone’s house! The video I watched was enough for me to pull the trigger on the filter.
    I drink the water all day long when I’m home and I bring it on the job when I’m working. I tell everyone I know about it and strongly urge them to get one. It’s the cleanest and best tasing water I’v ever had and having a cup full at work keeps me energized all day especially before lunch and then in the mid-afternoon. I cook with it, wash my produce with it, and even brush my teeth with it.
    The coolest thing I can tell you is that it was Tom Cowan that made me aware of structured water. He has total credibility with me. I did a search on the internet for structured water filters and your company came up first. I watched the videos and then made my purchase only to find out after the fact that the good Dr. Cowan recommends the Greenfield Water Filter! Pretty cool, right?!

  5. Jenna Brown (verified owner)

    We absolutely love our filter + we travel with it! An incredible investment for your health!

  6. Liliane (verified owner)

    Very good taste

  7. Benjamin H. (verified owner)

    Easy to install and brings my otherwise comatose water alive again. Thank you

  8. Terry K. (verified owner)

    My wife and I have spent our years looking for the best water filtration/harmonizing/coherent water systems. I purchased this as my go to Travel carrier. There is no other unit out there at this price point and superior quality ( large capacity) and great flow! After a day or so the water just tastes sweet and is so smooth. Thank you Greenfield… My next step is for my Airstream and you will be our source for whole house filtration when we begin building!!

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