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ElectroPure™ Electro-Positive Filter – 10″ & 20″


Introducing the ElectroPure™ Electro-Positive Filter, a cutting-edge water purification solution powered by revolutionary electro adsorption technology. This advanced system is designed to elevate your water filtration experience to a professional standard, ensuring the highest level of purity and safety for your drinking water.

How ElectroPure Works:

Electro Adsorption Technology: The ElectroPure system utilizes a natural electroadsorption process, activating an electrical charge field upon contact with water. This field acts as a powerful magnet, capturing contaminants, no matter how minuscule they may be. This innovative technology surpasses traditional filters, including activated carbon and ultrafiltration media, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Comprehensive Contaminant Removal: Electro adsorption allows the ElectroPure™ system to comprehensively remove a wide range of impurities from your water supply. This includes chlorine, harmful bacteria, viruses, pathogens (including legionella), cellular debris, trace pharmaceuticals, and particulates. Beyond enhancing the safety of your drinking water, this filtration process significantly improves its taste and quality.

Additional Benefits:

– Available in 10″ and 20″ sizes to accommodate various filtration needs.

– 20″ Filter available in Italian-made clear DP housing.

– Compatible with standard cartridge housings, ensuring easy integration into your existing water filtration setup.

– Free shipping within the continental United States.


How ElectroPure™ Water Purification Technology Works

Imagine a revolutionary approach to water purification that goes beyond traditional methods. Enter ElectroPure™, a game-changing technology that sets new standards in the industry. Here’s how it works:

Electroadsorptive Innovation:

ElectroPure™ is not your typical water purification media. Unlike mechanical filter media, it operates on the principle of electroadsorption. This means it doesn’t just mechanically filter out contaminants; it actively attracts and captures them.

The Power of Positive Charge:

At the heart of ElectroPure™ is its unique crystal structure, which naturally generates a robust positive charge. This charge acts as a magnetic force field, drawing in submicron contaminants that carry a negative charge.

Microscopic Precision:

ElectroPure™ features an electro-positive wet-laid nonwoven design with pores measuring just 1.2 – 1.5 microns. This level of precision allows it to capture even the tiniest particles and pathogens, mechanically removing larger particles along the way.

pH-Responsive Enhancement:

When exposed to water within a pH range of 5 – 9, ElectroPure™ comes to life. It taps into the natural crystal structure of its fibers to generate a charge potential that extends deep into the fiber pore structure, enhancing its purification capabilities.