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4 Stage Under Sink Structured Water Filter


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 Our Under Sink Structured Water Filter Solution system creates double stage filtration with mineralization, structuring and energizing right at your kitchen sink using the best of American and Italian water filtration technology. 
  • Stage 1  – Aquametix Filter (American made broad spectrum filter lasting 1000 gallons or annually  or- Cerametix Filter(pathogen elimination/recommended for well water.  THESE FILTERS WORK FOR FLUORIDE REMOVAL
  • Stage 2  –Mineralizer, Arsenic or Nitrate filter –  Change yearly
  • Stage 3 – Copper Vortexer – Maintenance free – Never needs replacing
  • Stage 4 – Energizer – Maintenance free – Never needs replacing


Filter system is shipped with two water dispenser options:

  • Connects to your cold water faucet
  • Connects to a stand alone stainless water dispenser






The Aquametix Meets or Exceeds NSF/ANSI Standards 42 & 53 for the following:

Filtering Capacity


One of the chief benefits of the Aquametix filter is its capacity to remove the industrial version of fluoride from water. Fluoride occurs naturally in many water sources and is not harmful but the industrial version of fluoride infused into approximately 73% of American communities is an industrial pollutant which is also used an insecticide and pesticide. The FDA, CDC and Water Quality Association of America refuse to acknowledge that the industrial version of fluoride is a poison. The majority of mainstream water treatment companies in America abide by the Water Quality Association stand that the industrial version of fluoride is healthy and necessary for children and adults thus few water companies will offer filtration for fluoride.


The Under Sink 4 Stage filter system uses standard size 10″ filter cartridge allowing for higher flow rates and longer life. The inlet & outlet are 3/8″ push-fit connectors and includes a DIY installation kit which includes most parts needed for installation, including a faucet, tubing, mounting bracket & screws, and fittings.

What’s Wrong With Reverse Osmosis Water?

Want to know what is in your well water?  We recommend this professional water test from Xpress Test.

If you are on a public water system, your water quality report is available online by going to the website of your public water system provider.

Here is an additional site for a limited water review:  EWG’S TAP WATER Database  (They don’t list fluoride).

6 reviews for 4 Stage Under Sink Structured Water Filter

  1. Ed Green

    “I remember reading about the cattle going only to the structured water trough. I have a German ShortHaired Pointer. Gave him two identical bowls of original tap water and the other was structured water. He wouldn’t drink the tap water that he always drank. Pretty wild!!”

  2. Jeff Angel, Mount Vernon, Indiana

    I purchased a structuring unit for my parents who are in their eighties. They reported two notable events:

    My father’s asthma attacks were easier to manage.
    My mom’s dementia stabilized.

  3. Paul Kelly (store manager)

    Installed your filter yesterday and the water is fantastic! Noticeably better!

  4. Christopher (verified owner)

  5. Kyle (verified owner)

    This under-sink water filter is great, I would recommend it to others!

  6. Sam B. (verified owner)

    Product is EXCELLENT. Tastes amazing, was easy-ish to install. Only issues: I live in Canada so there was a 15% duty charge upon arrival and shipping was pricey (but greenfield was kind enough to offer a discount to help with some of that), and it took about 3.5 weeks to arrive. They also forgot to include one of the parts necessary for installation (honest mistake) and it took an extra week or two to wait for that piece before receiving and actually being able to install. Since then, no issues and super happy!

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