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5 Stage Whole RV Structured Water Filtration System – NomadGuardXL – For Larger RVs


Introducing the NomadGuardXL – Your Ultimate Whole RV Water Filtration Solution!

Elevate your RV water experience to a whole new level with the NomadGuardXL, designed exclusively for the RV community and tailored for large RVs. It’s more than just a water filter; it’s your ticket to clean, structured, and energized water wherever the road takes you.

Key Features:

  • RV-Optimized Design: The NomadGuardXL is purpose-built to handle the dynamic water challenges of RV life. Whether you’re cruising down the highways or venturing off-road, this system ensures you have a constant supply of safe, beneficial water.
  • State-of-the-Art Filtration Technology: Crafted with precision in California and featuring cutting-edge German filtration technology, the NomadGuardXL guarantees top-tier water quality. We’ve enhanced our filter lineup to tackle a broad spectrum of contaminants, ensuring that your water is pristine and safe for consumption.


Advanced Filtration Stages:

  • Stage 1 – Sediment Filter: Effectively removes impurities like sand, silt, rust, and debris for improved water quality and filter functioning. A must for life on the road! 
  • Stage 2 – pH Adjustment (PHA) Filter: Utilizes technologically advanced German media to filter contaminants and adjust pH to enhance filtering capacity and effectiveness of the consecutive stages.
  • Stage 3 – Carbon Block Filter: This stage utilizes a premium quality Carbon Block Filter designed to effectively reduce a wide array of contaminants. It addresses Heavy Metals, Chloramines, Hydrogen Sulfides, Trihalomethanes, Phenols, and much more, ensuring comprehensive protection and enhancing the quality of your water.
  • Stage 4 – Structuring: Enhancing hydration through toroidal vortexing principles, promoting vitality, energy, and improved filtration performance.
  • Stage 5 – Energization: Utilizing our integrated harmonizer to infuse the water with resonances and valuable information, optimizing its energetics for superior cellular utilization.


Why Choose Our System?

  • Designed for the Road: Sturdy housing design handles off-road jarring with resilience.
  • Budget-Friendly Maintenance: Enjoy affordable filter replacements, as part of Greenfield Water’s commitment to offering budget-friendly solutions.
  • Industry-Leading Structuring and Energizing: Our system mimics the genius of nature, offering superior hydration and benefits for both humans and pets without the drawbacks of ROs and salt-based softeners.


DIMENSIONS: 26″L X 7.25″W X 16.5″H

Please Note: While annual filter replacements are generally recommended, the actual replacement frequency may vary based on local water conditions and usage. Specifically, the Sediment Filter may require replacement as frequently as every 3 months, depending on the water quality in different areas you travel to. This ensures optimal performance and continued high-quality water supply.

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NomadGuardXL – Your Ultimate Comprehensive RV Water Filtration Solution for Large RVs!

Elevate your large RV water experience with the NomadGuardXL, exclusively designed for the RV community and tailored for larger recreational vehicles. It’s not just a water filter; it’s your assurance of clean, structured, and revitalized water wherever your RV adventures take you.

Key Features of the NomadGuardXL:

Health Assurance:

When you’re on the road in your RV, prioritizing your health is paramount. NomadGuardXL removes contaminants like Fluoride, Arsenic, Pharmaceuticals, and more, ensuring your water is devoid of harmful substances. Your well-being is our priority, and NomadGuardXL is dedicated to safeguarding it.

Holistic Well-being:

NomadGuardXL transcends standard filtration by eliminating impurities and introducing structuring and energizing elements to your water. This distinctive feature not only guarantees water purity but also elevates your overall health, vitality, and life-force. NomadGuardXL is not just a water filter; it’s a wellness companion for your RV journey.

Simplified Setup:

Recognizing the diverse technical expertise among RV owners, NomadGuardXL is designed for simplicity. The installation process is uncomplicated, ensuring that all RV travelers can effortlessly set up and enjoy the advantages of our advanced water filtration system.

Cost-Effective Maintenance:

We believe that maintaining clean and safe water should be affordable. NomadGuardXL’s German-engineered technology and in-house media mixing make annual filter replacements economical. Our goal is to ensure that sustaining your RV water filtration system remains accessible and trouble-free.

CATALYTIC CARBON®: Elevating Water Quality

CATALYTIC CARBON® by Watch Water® revolutionizes water filtration with its advanced technology derived from coconut shells. As Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC), it utilizes a catalyzed positive charge (+) to attract and capture contaminants, such as chlorine, chloramines, and Trihalomethanes (THMs), providing a safer water supply.

This innovative filtration solution excels in removing tannins, humic substances, and natural organic matter, addressing concerns related to disinfection by-products and bacterial growth. Notably, CATALYTIC CARBON®’s regenerability ensures ongoing effectiveness through a simple regeneration cycle, making it a sustainable and reliable choice for water treatment.

Enhanced with an iron-hydroxide coating, CATALYTIC CARBON® exhibits superior performance in removing humic substances, phosphates, copper, and various heavy metals. The optimized interaction between the positively charged carbon and negatively charged impurities highlights its efficacy in maintaining water purity. In summary, CATALYTIC CARBON® is more than a filter; it’s a powerful, regenerable solution for consistently elevated water quality.

Structured, Energized Water On-The-Go:

The Vortexer by Greenfield Water Solutions is an indispensable tool for RV enthusiasts, harnessing the power of structured water to elevate your on-the-road water experience. Structured water isn’t just a chemical compound; it embodies the essence of life, reflecting its surroundings and retaining a record of the energies it encounters. Through a meticulous process that mimics nature’s principles, the Vortexer restructures water, allowing it to maintain its natural balance and purity, free from excessive contaminants.

The Vortexer incorporates a harmonizing chamber with proprietary technology for broadband energization. It creates a toroidal vortex, mirroring the natural movements and formations found in pristine water sources. This process revitalizes and restructures the water at a fundamental level, ensuring that every drop you use enhances your RV journey.

Greenfield Water Solutions has conducted extensive global trials over the course of a decade, consistently showcasing the remarkable benefits of structured water. Whether you’re on the road, exploring remote landscapes, or setting up camp in scenic spots, the Vortexer contributes to the creation of a harmonious and revitalizing water ecosystem, ensuring you have access to the best water quality throughout your RV adventures.