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**NEW!** 5 Stage Undersink Structured Water Filtration System – NomadGuard – For Smaller RVs/Campers


Discover the NomadGuard – a new standard in water filtration designed for the avid traveler! Specifically crafted for smaller RVs and campers. We offer durable, dynamic, and dependable water solutions even during rough off-road journeys.

Key Features:

  • Designed for the Road: Built to manage dynamic water situations across the entire U.S. and handle off-road jarring with resilience.
  • World-Class Craftsmanship: Housing is 100% made in California, fusing cutting edge German-engineered filtration technology.
  • Broad Spectrum Contaminant Removal: Including Fluoride, Arsenic, Pharma, and much more. (Refer to third-party lab tests linked below)

5-Stage Breakdown:

Stage 1 – Fluoride & Arsenic Mitigation: Utilizes powerful adsorbents and highly charged carbon.
Stage 2 – pHA Technology: Pre carbon-based hydrogen catalyst pH adjustment with enhanced effectiveness for the next stage.
Stage 3 – Broad Spectrum Removal: Carbon-ZVI / Titansorb tackles a wide array of contaminants, set up by stage 1.
Stage 4 – Water Structuring: For improved hydration, benefits not just humans, but plants and animals too!
Stage 5 – Water Energization: Our in-built harmonizer resonates with the water, readying it for cellular use.

Why Choose Our System?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Detailed brochure available with exhaustive information on contaminant handling.
  • Budget-Friendly Maintenance: Enjoy low annual filter replacement costs due to our state-of-the-art German technology combined with in-house media mixing.
  • Industry Leading Structuring and Energizing: A system that echoes the genius of nature, avoiding the pitfalls of ROs and salt-based softeners.


Dimensions: 17.5″ L x 5.25″W x 14.75″ D

100 in stock (can be backordered)


NomadGuard is dedicated to providing RV enthusiasts with advanced contaminant mitigation and hassle-free maintenance to ensure your health and well-being while on the road.

Health Protection: When you’re traveling in your RV, safeguarding your health is a top priority. NomadGuard removes contaminants such as Fluoride, Arsenic, Pharmaceuticals, and many more, guaranteeing that your water is free from harmful substances. Your health is our concern, and NomadGuard is here to protect it.

Enhanced Wellness: NomadGuard goes beyond basic filtration by eliminating impurities and adding structuring and energizing to your water. This unique feature not only ensures the purity of your water but also enhances your overall well-being, vitality, and life-force. NomadGuard is more than just a water filter; it’s a wellness partner for your RV journey.

Ease of Installation: NomadGuard understands that RV owners have varying technical expertise. That’s why our system is designed with simplicity in mind. The installation process is straightforward, ensuring that all RV travelers can easily set up and enjoy the benefits of our advanced water filtration system.

Affordable Maintenance: We believe that keeping your water clean and safe should be cost-effective. NomadGuard’s German-engineered technology and in-house media mixing make annual filter replacements budget-friendly. We want to ensure that maintaining your RV water filtration system is accessible and hassle-free.

How ElectroPure™

Water Purification Technology Works:

Imagine a revolutionary approach to water purification that goes beyond traditional methods. Enter ElectroPure™, a game-changing technology that sets new standards in the industry. Here’s how it works:

Electroadsorptive Innovation:

ElectroPure™ is not your typical water purification media. Unlike mechanical filter media, it operates on the principle of electroadsorption. This means it doesn’t just mechanically filter out contaminants; it actively attracts and captures them.

The Power of Positive Charge:

At the heart of ElectroPure™ is its unique crystal structure, which naturally generates a robust positive charge. This charge acts as a magnetic force field, drawing in submicron contaminants that carry a negative charge.

Microscopic Precision:

ElectroPure™ features an electro-positive wet-laid nonwoven design with pores measuring just 1.2 – 1.5 microns. This level of precision allows it to capture even the tiniest particles and pathogens, mechanically removing larger particles along the way.

pH-Responsive Enhancement:

When exposed to water within a pH range of 5 – 9, ElectroPure™ comes to life. It taps into the natural crystal structure of its fibers to generate a charge potential that extends deep into the fiber pore structure, enhancing its purification capabilities.

Structured, Energized Water On-The-Go:

The Vortexer by Greenfield Water Solutions is an indispensable tool for RV enthusiasts, harnessing the power of structured water to elevate your on-the-road water experience. Structured water isn’t just a chemical compound; it embodies the essence of life, reflecting its surroundings and retaining a record of the energies it encounters. Through a meticulous process that mimics nature’s principles, the Vortexer restructures water, allowing it to maintain its natural balance and purity, free from excessive contaminants.

The Vortexer incorporates a harmonizing chamber with proprietary technology for broadband energization. It creates a toroidal vortex, mirroring the natural movements and formations found in pristine water sources. This process revitalizes and restructures the water at a fundamental level, ensuring that every drop you use enhances your RV journey.

Greenfield Water Solutions has conducted extensive global trials over the course of a decade, consistently showcasing the remarkable benefits of structured water. Whether you’re on the road, exploring remote landscapes, or setting up camp in scenic spots, the Vortexer contributes to the creation of a harmonious and revitalizing water ecosystem, ensuring you have access to the best water quality throughout your RV adventures.




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