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SeaAgri 90 Sea Minerals


The Ultimate In Broad Spectrum Nutrition for Livestock, Poultry, Growing Operations, Crops & Humans



The Gold Standard for Sea Minerals

The Ultimate In Broad Spectrum Nutrition for Livestock, Poultry, Growing Operations, Crops & Humans

All mined salt on earth was at one time sea water. SEA-90 Essential Elements is technically sea salt or “sea solids” as named by Maynard Murray, MD and contains the full spectrum of periodic table minerals and trace elements in the exact proportions as sea water. SeaAgri accomplishes this by solar dehydrating sea water from a desert estuary receiving less than one-half inch of rainfall annually, thereby, providing the complete spectrum of minerals and trace elements found in sea water.

The term “Sea salt” is used today to describe many different salt products that are considered inferior to SEA-90 Essential Elements. For example, one popular mineral salt for livestock is mined from the earth in Utah. This ancient salt evolved from ocean water trapped after the seas receded from the area. Although the company mining this salt calls it “sea salt”, we refer to this type of salt as “earth salt” since fewer minerals and trace elements are present and those elements are not in the quantities or proportions found in fresh sea water.

Earth salts were subjected to geologic pressure and moisture that leach away elements and concentrated others. Typical earth salts are typically red or pink in color indicating high levels of Iron. Charles Walters, ACRES USA, explained that feeding this type of salt to livestock feed programs by producers with high iron in their soil/forage or water can cause animal health issues for livestock. Feeding red mineral salts to livestock foraging on hay or drinking water with a high iron content causes iron toxicities and blocks the uptake of other important minerals and trace elements. He believed that Michigan’s problems with bovine tuberculosis could be due to a misdiagnosis and was actually iron toxicity.

In addition many livestock producers offer inexpensive white salt created from either sea water or mined from the earth. Typically white in color, this salt contains 97-99% NaCl and only one to three percent other minerals and trace elements. Livestock also ingest greater quantities of both the white and red colored salts than SEA-90 Essential Elements because these salts are less water soluble and lower in minerals and trace elements. SeaAgri believes high quality sea mineral salt or solids must be created from fresh sea water on an annual basis.

To be called SEA-90 Essential Elements or sea mineral solids as defined by Dr. Murray, sea salt cannot be touched by rain or leached of any minerals and trace elements, and contain no more than 82-85 percent sodium chloride (NaCl) with balanced mineral and trace elements in the remaining 15-17 percent.

SEA-90 fertilizer is natural mineral crystals produced by solar dehydration of sea water trapped in retention ponds in a very arid and pristine coastal region devoid of industry or agriculture. The particular sea utilized by SeaAgri is considered as one of the most diverse in marine life and minerals on earth.

The full spectrum minerals and trace elements contained in SEA-90 are exactly proportioned and balanced as in sea water to sustain optimum biological life. Consider that the elements in sea water are at essentially the same ratios as human blood, and that sea life living in pure and balanced ocean water seems immune to most cancer and other degenerative diseases.

SEA-90 fertilizer is the product of 40 years of extensive research by Dr. Maynard Murray and SeaAgri proving that soils and crops enhanced or remineralized with full spectrum sea minerals and trace elements grow crops superior to those grown solely with conventional fertilizers.

SEA-90 can be broadcast directly on the soil surface and allowed to absorb into the soil or dissolved and sprayed directly onto growing crops and plants.

SEA-90 is a great stand alone fertilizer or mix it with any other product. Check our application pages, go to the SeaAgri website or call Robert Cain at 770-361-7003 for more information.

Surpasses all other sea or land based salts in nutritional content.


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