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10″ Sediment Filter Replacement


This sediment filter efficiently removes fine particles and impurities, delivering cleaner and safer water quality for everyday use. Its high dirt holding capacity ensures long-lasting performance, reducing the frequency of replacements.


– Filtration Level: 1 Micron

– Suitable Applications: Ideal for both Commercial and Residential use

– Material: Made from Pure 100% Polypropylene String

– Capacity: High Dirt Holding Capacity

– Dimensions: 2.5″ x 10″, Fits most standard 10″ housings

Key Features:

– Advanced Filtration Technology: Utilizes string wound cartridge technology for efficient particle removal.

– Versatile Use: Compatible with various water systems, enhancing water quality in homes and businesses.

– Robust Construction: Crafted for durability and long-term use with high-quality polypropylene string.

– Efficient Performance: Designed to capture a wide range of sediment particles, ensuring clean and clear water output.

– Easy Installation: Seamlessly fits into standard housing sizes, making setup and replacement straightforward and hassle-free.