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Great addition to any existing reverse osmosis filter.  No amount of filtering will bring water back to its natural, structured, mineralized and energized state. Vortexing, energising and mineralizing your tap water after it has been filtered is essential for maturing your water and introducing life force into your drinking water.  Vortexing also eliminates toxic information which no degree of filtering will fix.

The Copper Vortexer features our Harmonizer technology and is maintenance free for life.

The Mineralizer* Cartridge should be replaced yearly.

Outfitted with 1/4″ and 3/8″ push connects and poly tubing making installation a breeze for any undersink application.

Installed before your under sink RO tank -or- on the outlet side of any under sink water filter.

*BIOCERA is the #1 world’s premier ceramic mineral ball manufacturer.   



Benefits To Adding The BIOCERA Cartridge To Your In-Line Vortexer

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