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In 2015, I spent five months in India doing structured water research and development along with scores of presentations to university students, business leaders, factories, foundries, farms, pharmaceutical companies, real estate companies, golf courses and so many more. I was in my element, enthusiastically preaching on the wonders of structured water. I was amazed and inspired by the interest and enthusiasm Indians displayed regarding  the concept of structured water. 

On one such trip, we were visiting a sprawling park located in the middle of Bangalore, a city of over 20 million. In the middle of this park was located a pond fed by runoff from the city streets and a sewage treatment plant. There were certain areas of the pond that emitted an especially foul odor of sewage and we were tasked with determining whether or not we could fix this problem with a water structuring device. We had already experienced success of odor elimination at an upscale residential complex that was using treated sewage water to irrigate their grounds. 

While walking around the pond, I had a brainstorm idea of taking a sample of this pond water to do further research on the effects of vortexing and information transfer on sewage water. After sharing my idea with my colleagues, I pulled some empty water bottles from a garbage can and collected two gallons of pond water to take back to our home in Mysore which was a four hour journey by car. 

Upon arriving home, I scrounged up a plastic bin, a cover and an aquarium pump. I filled the bin with two gallons of pond water, testing if for E.coli and coliform and then hooked up the aquarium pump so it would run water through a handheld water structuring device. I covered the bin leaving it in the shade and then proceeded to nervously test the water each day and after seven days, to my utter delight, the water tested clean for E.coli but coliform was still present. To confirm my results I had the water tested by a professional lab. 

I continued to run the pump intermittently testing daily and after seven more days, the water tested clean for coliform and again I took a sample in for testing and my results were confirmed. 

With great delight, I filled a bottle up with the treated pond water and walked inside to inform my colleagues that my bottle contained water from the pond in Bangalore and I proceeded to guzzle it down much to their amazement and grave concern. The water tasted wonderful and I experienced no side effects whatever. 

What was proven from this experiment is that polluted waters can be brought back to their natural pristine state without physical filtration using only vortex action and information transfer via natural EMF emitted by elements of the earth. Up until now these principles have not been acknowledged by modern science but with time I’m confident that will change.