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The structured water industry is often, and usually, considered a scam by mainstream science.  To be sure, scam artists are at work everywhere and the structured water industry is no exception.  But having been involved in the biotech industry, I know how science wants to be paid before it gives an endorsement.  Billions of dollars are paid every year to get the approval of the scientific community.  Without it, you can’t make the big bucks.  And that’s what it is all about.  If the scientist doesn’t get paid, they do not endorse.  Period.  It is not about efficacy; it is about getting paid.

Nature gives us structured water and it can be prepared by almost anyone to some degree, and there is no way to control its manufacture.  Therefore, there can be no patents and no way to make exclusive profits on it.  So no one is willing to spend the money to prove the science.  We haven’t paid for their respect.

But where does common sense and experiential evidence come into the picture? Early America didn’t have scientific evidence.  They only had trial and error.  And they got along just fine.

Since science won’t get paid, they will not help out with the analysis of the results we are seeing with structured water.  Oh we have results, very tangible results.  We just had a dairyman in India report a 22% increase in milk production from his cows, only one week after installing our structured water device and this sort of report is routine.  Is this tangible enough?  Yet mainstream science continues to call it quackery?  We use biomimicry to improve water and we are quacks?

It’s time we acknowledge that our focus should be on tangible results, not scientific proof.  Yes, even written or photographic evidence can be faked. So you need to take the time to convince yourself. Trust your intuition and move forward.

You see, in reality, the scientific community doesn’t lead.  They follow.  We don’t need scientific proof to prove that which is evident.  Yet, we still trust the scientist, don’t we?

Welcome to the wonderful world of results. It’s ok to not understand the science. It’s ok to not pay for the scientific proof.  It’s nature, it’s bio mimicry, it’s safe, it’s real, and it works.

Welcome to the wonderful world of results, welcome to making your life better!

If you want science, you will have to continue to wait at the station for science to get on board before they progress forward into the wonderful world of results.

Find the time to investigate.  Don’t let the scientific community do it for you or you will miss out on wonderful, beneficial life improvements.

We make our Hydro Energizer Personal available to you at an extremely affordable price for the benefit of testing. We believe if you can see, taste or sense the difference, you will understand how that difference can benefit your water system and the overall health of your families, animals and plants.

Sorry, scientific proof system, you missed out on this one. The train is leaving the station but it’s not too late for you to get on board.

“If you find from your own experience that something is a fact and it contradicts what some authority has written down, then you must abandon the authority and base your reasoning on your own findings.”
— Leonardo da Vinci
Italian inventor, painter, sculptor and scientist (1452-1519)

A Word On Muscle Testing

It you watch muscle testing from the outside, you will likely tend to disbelieve the results.  I know I did.  “No wait a minute, you pushed down on their arm harder the second time!”  “You made the results you wanted!”.

And yes, maybe they did push down harder the second time.  But if you are the subject in a legitimately conducted muscle testing experiment, you will get it. You won’t need anyone to tell you the result.  In fact, I most often know the results of the outcome, even before the test begins, and when I do not even know the questions being asked.  And the effect is tangible for the person being tested.

Just keep an open mind and get involved.  Prove it for yourself.


The author of this article, Ron Johnson, has extensive experience in the world of venture capital. He is presently the CFO for a multi-million-dollar computer industry company.  After installing a water structuring unit on his home water line, he became a firm believer in structured water and has now joined Greenfield Naturals as a business partner.

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