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Books and water both contain information.

That information can be true or false, beneficial or harmful, life enhancing or life depleting.

What other attributes do a book and water share?

A book contains information protected by the cover and the paper whereas water contains information protected by the physical water molecule which acts as the cover and the paper. When sentences within a book are properly structured, it is easier to comprehend and when the molecules of water are properly organized, the structured water is easier to assimilate across the cell membrane.

What sets water apart from a book?

The information in a book is visible and readable by the human eye whereas information in water is invisible yet read by every cell in the human body and just as a book can have an estimable benefit in our life, so can information in water have wonderful benefits for every cell in the human body.

What kind of books do you cells prefer to read?

All cells love information that is natural, unadulterated and true. The elements are to the periodic table what letters are to the alphabet.  Just as there are seemingly endless combinations and configurations of letters into words, so are there seemingly endless combinations and configurations of elements into life giving entities which are in a sense the living words of God made manifest in creative and beautiful living forms consisting of animals, plants and minerals.

Lies Come From The Darkness & Truth Comes From The Light

In God’s world, everything blesses everything, everything communicates with everything and everything benefits from everything. In God’s world, everything is harmonious with everything and as the musician sings, “Everything is beautiful in its own way”.

Because of man’s fallen and corrupted nature, God’s will for His creation has been usurped and neglected. Man has gone his own way rather than God’s way and the consequences of such behavior has created a state of disharmony, corruption and sickness of the body, mind and soul of mankind.

God gave us the plants and herbs of the earth for healing and health of the body and He has given us His Son, Jesus Christ for the healing of our souls.  Plants and herbs are the living word of God and so is Jesus Christ the living Word of God.  Both are healing but one is created and the Other is “Only Begotten”. This is a mystery which will only be unraveled over the endless course of eternity.

If we put our roots down into the soils of this dark and corrupted world, we will only know death, disharmony and delusions. If we plant ourselves in the world God created and meant for us to dwell in, we will have life abundantly and everlasting.

Without Jesus Christ there is no light for the mind, nor life for the soul. He alone is Teacher of mankind and our Saviour, having reconciled fallen mankind with the true righteousness of God by His death. If thou wish not to perish – rightly believe in the Lord Jesus.