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What Is A Structured Water Filter?

Close up the pouring purified fresh drink water from the bottle on table in living room

A structured water filter creates clean, healthy, life enhancing water by combining traditional physical filtration methods with innovative vortex and energy transfer principles.

Traditional water filtration methods are not enough to bring water back to it health enhancing, natural structured and energized state. The term, “structured and energized water”, is not acknowledged by the mainstream water treatment industry.  Consequently, you will not find, “structured water filters” being offered by the mainstream water treatment companies.

Just what does a “structured water filter” offer that sets it apart from mainstream water filters?

  • Using vortex actions, surface tension is altered allowing the water to pass more easily across cell membranes and penetrate more effectively across substrates. In essence, water is turbo charged enhancing all functions supported by water, such as hydration, irrigation, cleaning and friction reduction.
  • Using energy transfer principles, energy capacity for water is enhanced, resulting in healthier plants, animals, people, and the environment.
  • Additionally, we use state of the art physical filtering methods to deal with hard to remove industrial waste products such as fluoride which is infused into most city water city systems across America.

Having seen the need to combine cutting edge filter technologies with structured and energized water technologies, Greenfield Water, engaged in research and development to create the Whole House Structured Water Filter.

The Whole House Structured Water Filter was created to specifically deal with toxicity issues faced by households supplied with city water. For households on private wells, please contact us for assistance with your water concerns.

Virtually all Whole House Filtration options neglect structuring and energizing and most do not remove fluoride, an industrial waste product created from phosphate mining and aluminum smelting which our government touts as beneficial for the dental health of children. Greenfield Water uses superior filter cartridges made in America which are specifically designed to remove fluoride and a broad range of other contaminants, organic chemicals, and heavy metals.

Greenfield Water Whole House Structured Water Filter systems are designed for easy installation by a plumber and maintenance by the customer requiring only a yearly filter change. No other maintenance is required, and the system is designed to last a lifetime.

With the addition of an under-sink filter to ensure the highest quality drinking water, our system provides peace of mind knowing your family has access to health enhancing, structured, energized, and clean water.

Gary Greenfield

July 28th, 2020