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Whole Home Mineralizer/pH Enhancer With Clear Italian Housing, Drain, Gauge, Bracket


Introduce life enhancing minerals back into your water with our whole home mineralizer. INCLUDES: 20″ MINERALIZER, HOUSING, BRACKET, DRAIN, GUAGE, LID, AND BRACKET.

Our Trappsorb mineralizer is designed to fit on any main water line and can be used with any existing whole house filtration, or on its own. This is an excellent choice for whole house if you need to introduce life enhancing elements back into your water which have been removed by a salt based water softener or a reverse osmosis filter, or with any existing water filter system.

Trappsorb is a porous, amorphous form of Magnesium (MgO). Although it has the same chemical composition as granular products, it radically different than other MgO-based materials due to its unique outer surface and structure, it is composed of a unique manufacturing process giving it uniformity and Macroscope pores. As opposed to granular MgO, which has larger pores and a wide range of diameters.

Trappsorb is manufactured in Germany

The Clear Italian Housing is manufactured in Italy.

The mineralizer features a carbon topper to alleviate aftertaste associated with minerals.

To ensure drinking Water Quality, Trappsorb is certified by WQA to meet ANSI/NSF 61 standard

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