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NaturalSof Descaler


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The NaturalSof reduces scale without removing health enhancing elements and is a cost effective, maintenance free alternative to the salt based water softener.

Salt based water softeners are harmful for plants, animals, people and the environment yet it remains the number choice of consumers because the water treatment industry is relentless in promoting salt based water softener technology.

The NaturalSof works using catalytic conversion technology.

Other descaling options should be considered if your water supply contains excess iron, manganese, sulfates or silica.

The NS1 and NS6 are outfitted with 1″ male threaded end fittings.

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Water cleans, feeds and protects us. Ideally hard water needs to be softened. To accomplish this, our technology first causes a drop in pressure, which creates limescale. Next the limescale molecule is re-arranged into a soft, non-bonding crystal. These soft crystals remain suspended in the water instead of sticking to the surface of the container and coating it with limescale. The crystals then simply pass harmlessly through the system and down the drain.

This process uses turbulence to cause the pressure to drop (but not as radically as caused by chemical softeners.) Then an alloy, acting as a battery, generates a very small electrical current as the alloy makes contact with the water. It is this current that re-arranges the water molecules. leo.


A basic understanding of water helps understand how our technology works. Water is sometimes referred called the “universal solvent because water has the unique ability to break the bonds of larger more complex compounds. Take for example how a bit of sugar or salt stirred into a glass of water will dissolve readily.

Just because water flows from your faucets as a clear liquid does not mean it is pure. It has dissolved small amounts of naturally occurring soluble minerals, including calcium and magnesium–two elements essential for our health.

Calcium and magnesium create “hard” water. To remove them, conventional softeners replace them with salts. NaturalSof, however, does not remove these essential macrominerals. Although it contributes to water hardness, magnesium is not a major factor when it comes to limescale deposits. Calcium carbonate, however, is a different story.

Just as water can exist in various forms as ice, water, and steam, calcium carbonate can have three forms:

Calcite, the first form, is discharged from untreated hard water when the temoerature rises or the pH level increases. This calcite will accumulate on the nearest receptive surface, typically metallic.

Aragonite is a form of calcium carbonate crystal that prefers to stick to itself and grow, attracting more calcium. It remains suspended in water rather than depositing on surfaces.

Vaterite, the third form, is rarely found in natural water.

In untreated hard water systems, contact with hot surfaces like water heaters, humidifiers, kettles, boilers, heat exchangers etc. causes limescale to be deposited. This happens because as the water temperature rises, the amount of calcium that can be held in solution decreases. This excess Calcium bonds with available bicarbonate to form calcium carbonate in its calcite form. This calcium carbonate then deposits as limescale on the nearest receptive surface.

In untreated hard water systems a rise in pH will also cause scaling. Carbon dioxide dissolved in water under pressure takes the form of carbonic acid. When the water pressure drops–at a faucet for example– the carbonic acid off-gasses as carbon dioxide. This increases the pH instantaneously, making the water less acidic. Nozzles, faucets and shower heads can also produce pH-related cold water scaling through pressure drops.


The explanation above will explain the mechanism behind our successful technology. As water passes through the NaturalSof system it is subjected to a turbulent interaction with a catalytic core made of a proprietary alloy. The dissimilar metals and the water create a battery effect that generates a very small electrical charge.

The electric charge combined with pressure drops creaked by turbulence causes an important change: a percentage of the calcium and bicarbonate in the water comes out of solution and goes into suspension, forming calcium carbonate as aragonite. These microscopic aragonite crystal formations remain suspended in the water and pass harmlessly through the system. Changes in temperature or pH no longer lead to hard limescale deposits since the calcium carbonate has been suspended as stable aragonite crystals, no longer in solution to be deposited as calcite.

The process repeats itself, continually producing new created aragonite crystal formations and thus preventing limescale deposits. Furthermore as this process continues, gradually existing limescale deposits are removed! Because the water is now less saturated with dissolved calcium and bicarbonate, its ability to act as a solvent is increased.

The NaturalSof is an excellent addition to our Whole House Water Filtration and Structuring system.

Not recommended for water containing iron deposits.


Hard-Water Facts

What about my glass shower door and glassware coming from the dishwasher?

The primary purpose of the NaturalSof is prevent scale build-up in pipes, on heating elements, appliances and faucets but when water drops are left behind in the open air on glass shower panels or glassware in the dishwasher, it will evaporate leaving behind calcium deposits. These deposits will appear as scale but will wipe away more easily than prior to the NaturalSof installation. Over time, old scale deposits in pipes, on heating elements, appliances and faucets will be eliminated and less soap will be required when using your dishwasher and washing machine and also when showering. To reduce chalky deposits on glassware use citric acid granules in your dishwasher.


5 reviews for NaturalSof Descaler

  1. Louie of Arizona (store manager)

    If you have experienced the hard water, you know it is difficult to keep the calcium scale from building up, especially on surfaces like black countertops! Before finding NaturalSof Louie in Arizona was on a rigorous maintenance schedule, battling the crusty scale with razor blades and lime away.

    Like a lot of our raving fans, Louie started out as a skeptic. Now he says, “i am a believer.”

    Of special note is his statement about having “much hotter water.” Not only are things more aesthetically pleasing on the outside, but now Louie’s water heater is cleaner and more efficient on the inside. We are glad to have the feedback…thanks Louie!

  2. Moe Martinez (verified owner)

  3. Moises Martinez (verified owner)

  4. Elias K. (verified owner)

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